My dog swimming

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This is my dog, his name is boris, hes a mix

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  1. Kendra Avila

    SO CUT

  2. fernanda freitas

    quanto é uma picina

  3. Weirdo7 7

    Who came here just to see the dog climb up the ladder?

  4. grupo polinesio

    I do not speak English I speak Spanish , I’m using a translator.

  5. so clever

  6. Que.fofo

  7. David PhoneGamer

    so cuteeeeeee

  8. John Galantini

    I love the little hesitation before jumping in, like he’s done in many
    times but each time he thinks “I’m not sure about this… oh what the hell”

  9. where can u get such big pools

    • Zomgdevil

      I’m not sure where you are from but believe it or not this isn’t even that
      big of a pool :/

  10. grupo polinesio

    I tender that puppy so hopefully my dog ​​out tubiese intelligent and not
    afraid of water .

  11. ذ

  12. Paula Šijan

    kako slatko

  13. Sharmane Williams

    123ab c

  14. Carol Glam


  15. I love swimming

  16. Vicky Gonzalez

    zapato fif

  17. Maria Schifirnet

    Ciao a tutte 08, mult, sa ai o zi frumoasa si

  18. lammie Hoekman


  19. Stijn Wiendels


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