Nelson – Manchester Terrier – 4 Week Residential Dog Training at Adolescent Dogs

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Trained by Senior Instructor Natalie Rumbold –

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  1. MegaNatasha13

    I would get my dog trained by you but I can’t live without her. she’s my world.

  2. Marlise Watt

    I sure miss my Manchester…Alexander the great…the best dog

  3. Marlise Watt

    My Manchester Alexander died awhile back sure miss him. Wish I could hold him feel so sad. Thanks for video…let’s me remember the joy he brought me!!! Hope some day will be in position to have another one!!!

  4. Lovely dog, they remind me so much of my English Toy Terrier Soskay, they have the same ears! Love the emergency stop, never seen that trick before.

  5. Susan May

    Wow. That’s one good dog 🙂
    We might be adopting a rescued one soon. Home visit this Friday. Glad to see they are so trainable. Fingers crossed!

  6. MAR-better

    OMG LOOK AT THAT FACE! So cute! Honestly he’s more adorable than my own dog I think; she was more dominant, less impressionable in nature–not that I didn’t adore her. Nelson looks like such an attentive, sprightly little animal.

    Manchesters are my first and favorite breed! After owning one, no other type of dog seems as smart or relatable. My girl seemed wise beyond her years, and good at analyzing situations involving a large number of people. I can second the “wanting to be in control” thing… so if you don’t enjoy spending time training a dog, you may well end up with a stubborn Manchester. My animal was female and, though she became more docile with age, had a real capacity to be high strung as well as to jog long distances, hike through the woods, and exhibit splendid athletic potential. She was such an enriching part of my life. I literally spent the majority of my entire life living with her (that is, 15 of my 23 years), and in the two months since she died I have missed my little black and tan so much! If anyone is interested to see how this breed carries on into old age, you can see videos of my Manchester (full size variety) on my channel, and I would gratefully appreciate the views.

  7. Peanutinatti

    Ive got manchester terier called Marcépan

  8. Sarah From the UK

    That’s incredible, and quite a challenge with a Manchester!

  9. Icky Trump

    Hes so cute i teared up

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