Off leash Dog Training Belgian Malinois

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Off leash Dog Training Malinois.

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  1. Carol Fortin

    Impressive! Totally focused on the master, Wow! 👍👍
    Goodbye! 😉😀👋

  2. Charlie And Lola and Hazel too!

    Great training I love dogs. I helped my friends Malinois lab mix to stop play biting

  3. Заметки Собачника

    Nice-Nice! Great Dog and GOOD work! Like, my friend!

  4. Richard Parker

    Good work, it looks easier than it is.

  5. Kara Zor-El Batilo a smart German Shepherd GSD

    fremragende! Stor hund

  6. Odin the German Shepherd

    Awesome training!! Great dog!!

  7. 1st508th Airborne

    He looks great! 🙂

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