Pet Training in a Can

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This is the greatest canned pet training of All Time

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  1. Mary or something

    A dog that does not speak English? In my America? I knew we had to built that wall to keep these Chihuahuas out.

  2. Yoshi With DownsSyndrome

    Can i just put my pet in a can. Save yer money

  3. Gavin

    You could put tomato juice in the can and I’d never jump on you.

  4. Sk8ter kek

    I’m glad this is vegan friendly. My dog is a vegan.

    • Cara siCatris

      Sir your dog is suffering and doesnt even know it just slip him the tip one night just lift up his tail and just let your mind flow you will be best buds after that idk what it is with dogs

    • Cara siCatris

      Sk8ter kek only works with boxers my bad

    • Sk8ter kek

      Cara siCatris Okay, I won’t wear my briefs next time.

  5. SuperGaming Dude

    More like giving my dog trust issues and hearing problems for the rest of its life in a can

    • conductor pineapple icecream

      “there’s only 600 comments in the whole comment section” LOL not everyone who scrolls through the comment section actually comments


      Jimmy Ink How exactly do you discipline a kid in this day and age? Your kid can trip and say you hit them and you’ll go to jail now.


      Jimmy Ink it’s true lol that’s how it works. The make money off selling your kids. Look up legal kid napping. But if my kid did that then yeah for sure they’re dead to me. Less mouths to feed anyway

    • Whoosh

  6. et Han of Astora

    Is it PETA approved though?

    • If it was PETA approved it would just Euthanize it instantly because that’s what they do to what they consider Domesticated inbred Mutants contorted in man’s image that don’t possess the pure genetics of wild Animals

    • Treble Marquis

      dizzu of astora It’s not in a needle form so… no can’t say it is.

    • little weeb

      dizzu of astora .

  7. Umayrica


    • Vexus Benchmarks


    • Luke YT

      666th like

    • Caelan Porter


  8. There's a starman waiting in the sky


  9. The Derp Chaos

    Man I wonder why I can’t find this at my local pet store…

    I guess they *quit* *it* !

  10. Jeeves Anthrozaur

    Dogs aren’t real and you’ve never seen one

  11. Riley Sassafras

    wtf was that torture collar

    • Tennel

      A Happy Camper yeah who wants to torture your dog by the neck when you can simply spray them constantly in the face .

      What’s that boy ? You want to jump on the couch ?
      Well hears some random bullshit in your face.
      Don’t understand because spraying is not a method of teaching anywhere ? Heres some more bullshit .

    • Milky Quartza

      Its what Jigsaw uses in bed

    • Cancerous

      TwoToneRebel same lol

    • Purity fbi

      Riley Sassafras you don’t have a sex dungeon… I can tell

    • Edward Wood

      Sam Hyena It’s actually not. I’ve used one on my dog before but tried it on myself it actually doesn’t hurt it just gives a wired feeling. A shock collar on the other hand is animal abuse.

  12. Cap'nCinnamonBun


  13. Kinoksis

    0:22 Vegan Friendly? Yuck, I ain’t no soy boy!

  14. Glyssando

    I use this product to kEEp My CaT HosTAgE

    • Trollamollex

      Glyssando You’re what’s right with this country

  15. A Vsaucy Boi

    Does anyone know someone who can teach my dog English?

    • Blady02

      English in a can.

    • Deathlizard

      Vsauce micheal he will make your dog learn english and tell you where your fingers are.

    • Fandom Garbage

      I can teach it

    • Majincheese

      Cesar Millan knows all. He is thought to be an angel sent from Dog Heaven to communicate between dogs and humans, and to make sure that All Dogs Go To Heaven.

  16. Paul Drake

    Also works on telemarketers.

  17. 「#1 Schemer」

    0:07 Oops, I think I grabbed something from my sex dungeon instead of my dog’s leash.

  18. Ecstasy

    I can’t wait to give my dog tinnitus!

  19. Quit it. Get some help.

  20. Me Again

    Hey, say what you want, but this thing really works. Breaking and entering has never been easier thanks to this product. Also wards off the K9 unit when the little snitches go sniffing around for drugs.

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