PetTech Remote Controlled Dog Training Collar

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PetTech Remote Controlled Dog Training Collar, Re

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  1. stewart baker

    thanx how do you charge collar

  2. Eddie Scorsese

    Im sold on the vibe mode! I was looking for something less traumatizing per say… Can it only beep as well?

  3. Vanessa Browning

    my collar stopped working, it has full charge but won’t sound, vibrate, or shock. Do you know how to reset it?

  4. Stephanie Shy-Walker

    thnx so much for this video. i have one of these and there was no instructions and i couldnt figure out what the clear piece was for so i havent used it and I’ve had it for a month. THANKS SO MUCH!!!!!

  5. VelvetSerpent89

    Thanks! I could not figure out what the clear plastic piece was for. lol

  6. Suzy Cedano

    how do u turn it off

  7. Susan Driskill

    I’ve had the remote plugged in overnight and it still is not charged and evidently you can’t pair it with the receiver until it is fully charged. Any suggestions on what I may be doing wrong?

    • arthur bolzman

      Have you made sure that the receiver is fully charged and that the receiver and remote are snyched?

  8. Michael Tuccillo

    Is there a recommendation for the shock severity based up dog size?

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