playing ball….

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crow and dog playing with pingpongball
MAY 2012..ok…a lot of questions…here are some answers :
the wings are NOT cliped (see that in "tin can, i love you")…..i did not trained the crow, i just found it near the woods as a very little bird and no parents seen for over 1 hour…
told the dog (yes, she is old but NOT fat…its a lot of hair…) that we have a new friend…showed it how to fly (no, i did NOT run over the grass flapping with my arms…) wenn it could fly, it was gone for a wile, but then cam back nearly every day for playing and asking for food..(sometimes it brought stolen things from the neighbors and i had to bring it back 😉
and YES, i am a bad@ss 😉

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  1. UBA Racist

    Great video thanks for sharing!

  2. Dog is pretty chill.

  3. BellinghamsterTrail

    It was great seeing this video. Crows don’t have the most beautiful
    language but they appear to be really smart birds.

    • Thurim Hammer

      C’est ça je disais aussi!

    • Danquebec01

      @Thurim Hammer Va te faire foutre ! C’est cool le français.*

    • Donna Tennent

      BellinghamsterTrail Can’t stand any of the crow family, he probably thinks
      it’s an eyeball nasty scavengers! Who knows what rabid dead animals they’ve
      been eating? He could be carrying all sorts of diseases! 😱😱😱

    • Still better then french, tho.

  4. Klate Wilson

    Crows are highly intelligent.

    • Chyna Hosang no, they are on the same level as goldfish, this has been
      proven time and time again.


      +Angela Zhou ??????????????????????

    • Angela Zhou

      Chyna Hosang They don’t have small brains…

    • Chyna Hosang

      Audfile despite having one of the smallest brains in the bird kingdom they
      take a moment of silence for crows in there large group who have died. they
      use tools to get food. they can teach there children about there enemies
      and insure they hold the sane grudge against that thing or person. crows
      are smart….very smart.

  5. Curby Weaver

    Great video. Thanks for your comments about how you got the crow too. Cool

  6. Charlotte Webster

    Crows are such smart birds and fascinating to watch.

  7. Tony England

    Whoa, look at that view count now!

  8. John Rambo

    What did the crow steal from your neighbors?

  9. John Miller

    You should get the crow to watch the ” The Birds” with you, then see how it

  10. Graphomite

    How the hell did you teach it to fly?
    Drop it off the roof?

  11. never seen a bird play before

  12. signoguns

    They ate Christ’s eyes.

  13. Sad Onion

    that german shepard is such a beautiful old boy/gal

  14. Ein Freund fürs Leben.

  15. You shouldn’t have been so quick to get the ball out from behind that grid.
    Give the crow a minute to see if it can figure out how to do it on its own.

  16. Watteau66

    Poor crow probably thinks you are messing with an egg! Funny from our
    perspective–but perhaps the crow is stressing out!

  17. Wow didn’t think crows were that approachable.

  18. The Artful Dodger

    I bet if you left your door open when you left for work, that black crow
    would loot your house.

  19. Henrik Høyrup

    1:01 – dog is just “nope, no more playing today”.

  20. TheDukeofJuke

    Imagine how badass you’d look with one of those on your shoulder while
    walking around.

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