Police dog training blooper

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A German Sheperd is being trained to attack robbers. When the owner tells him to stand still…The dog DEF does in a funny way!

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  1. Susie Susieq


  2. CloudchaserShaconag

    Is that the mischievous smart alecky dog from the James Belushi movie K9?

  3. tonton remi

    dogs should not b trained 2 attack people

  4. tonton remi

    i have a cat and i don’t TRAIN him at anything
    i deal with criminals myself

  5. GabrielDomino

    Smart dog…
    Trainer: “Stand still!”
    Dog: “Guess whaaaaaaat!”

  6. tonton remi

    i prefer zee dog attacking zee police officer & me running away with my cat (Guinou)

  7. Siper2

    I am convinced that dogs love to make people laugh.

  8. Atashellen

    If this dog did this to a real bad guy I’m sure he will stand still Rofl

    • NewDivded

      I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t want to move with a police dog between my legs so yeah, the bad guy’s would probably stand pretty still if he did that. xD

  9. Adam Godfrey

    I’m not happy … so wanted that dog to bite him in the ball sack … xD

  10. thebluedragon07

    Dog is like, go ahead and make me a happy dog.

  11. NewDivded

    That’s a new way to handle the “stand still” situation. xD

    • NewDivded

      +Tanisha Grevatt Sorry, but are you implying our dogs ain’t properly trained without even meeting them…?

  12. Allura Zynx

    Loves his job LOL What a good boy

  13. Jason Johnson

    Until you cross the line your good!

  14. Tigron101

    That just made my day. XD

  15. Jenn K

    lmao I would stand very still

  16. S Murphy

    Hilarious! My dog does that all the time if I stand in one place too long.

  17. Rayisa Shrestha

    when the trainer said the dog to sit still

  18. jsl151850b

    I suspect some dogs are unqualified for police duty because they are too friendly.

  19. Sara Gregor


  20. Angel R. Miranda

    That police dog is such a ham.

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