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A Well Trained Dog is a Happy Dog. Dog obedience and puppy training does much more than make you and your dog or puppy good at walking down the block together. Dog obedience training establishes a working connection between you and your dog. And most important, dog obedience training makes it fun for you to include your puppy in everyday life. At Prodogz Training in Medford Oregon, we believe a well trained dog is a happy dog. We truly hope that you come by to see our Dog Training in White City in action.

With over 25 years of experience helping dogs and their owners, all of our dog training is based on extensive training with scientific knowledge, a love of animals, and years of experience working with dogs. Prodogz! provides professional dog training services by Southern Oregon's premiere dog trainer. Well known and respected by their peers Jason Lake is often referred to by other trainers, veterinarians humane societies and local rescue groups.

Jason believes in using positive reinforcement and clear communication when working with clients and their dogs. Although there are many different ways to train your dog, Jason believes that the first step in any dog training program should be reinforcing that training is not based on force or compulsion but engagement and play.

Program Highlights:

Engaging, fun training is the first step to your success with your dog.
Tons of hands-on activities with your dog to build your training skills.

Jason Lake has literally help trained thousands of dogs and passes that knowledge on to you.
Specializing in hard to train dogs. All dogs deserve a chance.
Clear communications is the the foundation to our training program.
Dogs love our training style and so will you.
Flexible hours so you never have to miss a class.
Signing up is easy through our website.

Jason Lake
Ph: 541-608-2857