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I made this video just to show that you can use the same leash walking tips (as my loose leash walking video with a chihuahua in it) with Dogs of all breeds and sizes. All dogs learn in the same way using positive reinforcement training.

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  1. SpeLinnea

    Great vid! Is it possible to feed the treats on the ground with the same results? My dog is very small and it is back breaking.

    • Amanda and Niko's Channel

      She has done this in some of her videos. Check out her video “Stop pulling and “Yo-yoing”- clicker dog training” to see an example. 🙂

  2. Katelyn Stimson

    Yay another vid, I already used my similar method on my dog. It worked! Lol

  3. NewAgeLUNAtic

    I’m still teaching this to our pup…. But it would be great to get some advice/video on how to stop car lunging. My 7 mtg old lunges at card when they pass and he tries to run along with them. He doesn’t go for them at a distance, but on a normal pavement to road distance

  4. Marianne Hovde

    Dogs in these videos are always so placid. What do you do with a hyper dog who dives to the end of the leash, and when he hits the end he turns around and dives the other way? And this same dog is not highly food motivated, if there are any distractions he won’t take treats, and he quickly loses interest, so about 5 minutes in he will start spitting out the treats.

    • Strange Dog

      +Strange Dog
      Also, don’t be in a hurry to actually go anywhere, if you spend several minutes in the same spot, the dog usually becomes less over-stimulated.

    • Marianne Hovde

      The behaviours above are happening inside the house and in the yard.

    • Lanner J

       I would suggest then to start in a very boring room in your house. Are you using regular dog treats or have you tried real meat or cheese? Have you tried using toys as a reward? There’s always a way to motivate!

    • Superstitious Pyalicious

      Also make sure you’re not free feeding your dog. Try doing training sessions on an empty stomach. This is the general issue when it comes to dogs not being motivated by food. Also yes, toys can also be reward. There must be something your dog deeply enjoys. Use that as a reward.
      Do short sessions at first. That way, he won’t get around losing interest. Do you also exercise your dog enough? A dog that just dashes to the end of the line then the opposite direction and repeats, especially if he does it inside the house too, could very easily be an awfully bored dog. Try doing training sessions after exercise, when he’s calmer.

    • Ana Larson

      These are all great tips, we have in the past 8 months have had succes with 10 walks, the rest are nightmares, we have basically moved to a wedding walk, 1-2 steps stop and wait, my dog just does not get it. We tried staying and it is hard when we get beyond 15 seconds, once in a while it works beyond that but she is so hyper. I need a miracle.

  5. jennibunny

    When training like this, I’m always afraid to give too many treats to my dog. :/

    • Brave Quest Canine Services

      Get the kind you can chop up into tiny pieces (Natural Balance, Rollover, hot dogs). Use your dog’s daily ration of kibble. If you feed raw, there is also freeze dried raw food and treats that can be broken into small pieces. Do very brief training sessions throughout the day, and make sure your dog gets exercise in other forms (fetch, tug, treadmill, etc.).

  6. Leverquin

    nice! new vid

  7. Daan Passé

    Hi there.

    I just got a belgian malinois two weeks ago fom a previous owner she  is 4 years old.
    Since it’s a sheperd dog up to now i have always counetered any behaviour i didn’t want like growling/barking at other dogs jumping up or eating stuff outside like grass with physical force of my own.
    If she jumped up i would grab her paws put her down on the ground and tell her to sit in a raised voice. when she barked to or went after a dog ot tried to eat something off the street i pull her away by pure force or grab her by the neck to pull her on her side and holding her there untill she calmed down.

    I did this because everone around me said ”She is your pet you are the boss make that clear to her that you are stronger and above her”.

    But i think this was the wrong way to try to teach her i picked up a clicker on the way home and i’m going to some of your methods i hope emphisizing good behaviour instaed of just punishing her harshly for the bad stuff will do the trick.

    videos like these aree gonna help a lot with that i think so thanks for taking the time to make them.

    • Brave Quest Canine Services

      Just keep at it, you will find the way of training that feels best for you! Sometimes it takes a tough dog to show you that just because everyone else trains a certain way doesn’t mean you have to, too! That’s what my German Shepherd did for me! Her will is so strong that no amount of force could make her do what I wanted. She has the energy to fight endlessly against being physically controlled or dominated. Any trainers who met her said she was so dominant and I needed to be the boss, but no matter how hard I tried it never worked. There was only frustration and greater force being applied.

      The best thing I ever did was switch from traditional methods to choice-based reward training. Now she is so willingly compliant, and we love training together. She’s become the best partner in any games or sports we pursue, it’s great and there’s none of that tension and conflict between us when we are training now. Instead of focusing on saying “no!” and making her stop doing anything I don’t like, I just focus on finding as many things to say “yes!” to and encouraging her to do things I like – the more you focus on the good, the more you get of it (and I find the more you focus on telling them no, the more bad you see)! It can be a difficult transition at first, for both of you, but it is absolutely worth it to keep pursuing training without force. Just take it slow and go at whatever pace works for you and your dog.

      And if it doesn’t feel right to you to use force, then don’t let others pressure and force you into using it with your dog, regardless of her breed. I know other people can have a huge influence on how you train your dog, and unfortunately I know what it’s like when trainers see you with a ‘tough’ breed. It’s very traditional for harder breeds to be trained with harder training methods, but it’s not the only way, and it’s not for every dog. In some cases I think some of the dogs that are regarded as hard and stubborn are actually sensitive and can shut down/avoid the handler during harsh training. Tap into their strengths, encourage them to try new things and they become very eager students and lovely companions!

    • Daan Passé

      +Irene Widdows Thanks for the insight and i think it’s starting to work she learned they ”lay down” command just in one and a half day by clicking/treating her at the first steps down and building from there.

      i’ve also started looking at stuff different for example  when  we play outside with a branch or stick the first three times she would let go no problem but at number 4 and after she  would get angry and would not let go at all and now instead of forcing her into that 4th time every day i keep it at three throws and only try a 4th time if it goes extremely well and even if the 4th time she gets angry and it takes 10 minutes to let go i reward her for dropping it and not puniish her for resisting me and if it improves it will if not i won’t force her into the anger anymore.

      I also think now that i’m calmer overall she feels that somehow because now when i’m working at the PC or watching TV hse comes sitting next to me and curling up in a ball when i pet her she never used to do that before.

    • Brave Quest Canine Services

      +legs0fsteel That’s awesome, sounds like you are making good progress with her! It’s amazing how quickly things can change, and how it feels better to deal things with a calm mind instead of feeling angry that they are ‘defying’ you. I’m sure you will help her get to that point where she won’t get angry about letting go of the branch/stick, once she realizes you’re not trying to steal it from her, and it’s actually a fun game you can keep playing together if she starts to feel good about letting the stick go.

      So sweet that she comes to curl up next to you – my dog never used to be affectionate until I switched methods. In fact I remember how surprised I was to see her tail wagging joyously once I changed methods and months later she realized she wasn’t getting yanked around anymore (totally sad, I know).

  8. 한혜미

    Hi kikopup! I’m very glad to find you and I’m trying reallly hard to train my dogs! Bordercollie,5 months old, and Husky, 1year old. I wanna ask you, about what I have to do(react) to my dogs, when they ruin my house, chew all of things including floors. I am surprised everyday to see what my dogs did when I’m back to my house and open the door. Should I yell at them? Or just ignore them? I don’t know. Actually i really stressed out these days because of their behaviors. They do unwanted behaviours although I walk with the dogs everyday and leave many toys they like before leaving. Please help..

  9. sinmore11

    thank you kikopup for training us to train our dogs with compassion and understanding rather than with ego and e-collars….

  10. Alejandra Fernández

    Podrian por favor recomendarme como mirar estos videos en castellano? Ya que me cuesta un poco comprender ciertas frases o palabras…Graciassss

  11. I have a question that I’ve been forgetting to ask about when watching these videos.  If perfectly training means that as soon as the leash goes on and you step outside, training begins, and never ends until the leash is off, then how does your dog poop?   Dogs have a specific spot they smell out, and as humans we don’t know where that is.  Do you halt training for 15 minutes to let your dog pull guide you to wherever they want to poop?  

  12. Tshogyel Lhamo

    Sir, what diets should I give to my labrador 3 months puppy dog, for good health..

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