Psych Service Dog Training – tasks and obedience

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Kallie, 4 year old border collie mix, owner trained.

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  1. Lexi Barragan

    @SimplyServiceDog quick question. I have a SDiT. But what do you think is the best advice for telling people to not pet the dog? That seems to be my biggest issue.

    • SimplyServiceDog

      my name is Dryver.

    • Lexi Barragan

      Cool. What’s your actual name? I’m Serena but call me Lexi

    • SimplyServiceDog

      Yes, we can.

    • Lexi Barragan

      I agree. I thought so about the breed. But wasn’t 100% sure. Can we be friends?

    • SimplyServiceDog

      I would say the easiest part of having Kallie is having a good relationship with her, our personalities are a good match. The hardest part is the constant need to keep up on training, we are always trying to improve as a team and some days it is a lot of work.
      Any breed of dog can be a service dog if they have the correct temperament and physical health for the demands of service work, though there are definitely certain breeds more likely to be used (such as labradors or golden retreivers)

  2. Kallie is absolutely beautiful, You guys look like an awesome team

  3. BubblyGumm

    love watching this, Thank You

  4. mandizzlef

    umm where have you been my whole life?

  5. The Service Dog Life

    absolutely love this.

  6. alyson barger

    I have a 2 month out male husky, and I’m owner training him to be a psychiatric service dog as well. he has sit, paw, down up, come, and we are working on focus currently. what age should I begin teaching him tasks? and how would I know if hes not qualified?

  7. where did you get your bracelet?

    • SimplyServiceDog that’s okay! thanks! it’s absolutely gorgeous

    • SimplyServiceDog

      I got it from a vendor at the Royal Winter Fair a few years ago, but I can’t remember the name of them. Sorry!

  8. Anna Brewer


  9. Sorry for intruding, but I strongly recommend you check out Daryl Arktrom’s website. There’s a great tutorial about puppies and it’s super fun!

  10. Scriptophobic

    INSPIRING. What treat pouch are you using, by the way?

  11. candymeadowalmondjoy


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