Raw Diet for large breed Dog 50 -100lb……..Peter Caine Dog training

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  1. Victoriana Serrano

    how often would you feed that amount?

    • Peter Caine Dog Training

      It would depend on the dog. Metabolism, age… size. Raw moves slower so once a day is OK  

  2. Agentscarface

    I have two chihuahua. Safe to feed them chicken feet?

    • Peter Caine Dog Training

      I give mine chicken feet…biger is better you want them to chew

  3. Mi, Amor

    I might be getting a american bulldog, Ive research some homemade dog food like brown rice,Meat and veg :), What time and how much can you feed a large breed dog ? I was thinking like a 4-5 snowballs ( thats those 3 mix with my hand to form a ball) am then late after noon? so that 2 meals, Is that good?? should i feed him more?

  4. Jake Kalustian

    Thanks for the great tips. How many meals do you prefer per day?

  5. Stella Duplass

    No organs?

  6. Xx Bears World xX


  7. Slimdulla87

    I love you videos because you make the raw diet so simple instead of all these other videos of people buying every meat on the shelf and trying to proportion it out.

  8. Sean Flynn

    I’m going to put my dog on raw do I need to add any vitamins

  9. Tammie Baggett

    is this once a day
    Im very new to raw and so learner.

  10. bruce wayne

    How many times a day?

  11. 50-100 pounds is a huge range. You shouldn’t tell people what to do if you don’t have a clue yourself.

    • John Buju

      Peter Caine Dog Training that’s like saying if you don’t know how to make an informative video don’t make them.

    • John Buju

      Peter Caine Dog Training I bet you had a lot of friends growing up, you’re probably married and have kids too, am I right?

  12. S T Ξ Λ L T H

    Your last name caine, almost sounds like canine. (Dogs) 😀

  13. Mystique Faun

    You mentioned kale, I got some frozen instead of spinach to mix it up or whatever. Do you think it’s calcium is able to be efficiently absorbed? Just curious cause I feel like the calcium really does help. Used to just add some pumpkin or sweet potato but this works…

    • Peter Caine Dog Training

      I dont know what you are saying ..But I dont answer questions under videos anyway. Its not about calcium helping ..But your dog needs it, or you will make the dog sick .. Now go away

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