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In this episode of the Chaser training series from Hill's® Science Diet®, you’ll learn why you should avoid telling a dog no. It can diminish your dog’s motivation, so the key to how to teach a dog no is to say it gently and only when absolutely needed. Chaser’s owner John Pilley will tell you more about how:
• Just like us, dogs are sensitive to failure
• Harsh commands won’t make your dog happy
• “No” simply means, “stop what you’re doing”

Chaser is a border collie that’s been called “The Smartest Dog in the World” by 60 Minutes. That’s because John has taught her to learn and respond to more than 1,000 words. You can use the Chaser method to train your dog to understand words, too.

This is the third video in a six-part dog training series from Hill’s® Science Diet®. Watch them all at .