Service Dog Training Prescott, AZ and the greater Scottsdale, Phoenix area.

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Service Dog Training. This video shows some of the basic tasks that can be trained into your service dog. Retrieving items: phone, keys, credit card, and other dropped items. Bracing for mobility assistance, and mobility support. Service Dog Training Prescott, AZ and the greater Scottsdale, Phoenix area.

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  1. FlashyDogTFM

    I wonder what these service dogs would do if someone were to try and steal them? Would they attack or just go with the person? This may be a dumb question but I am curious. Also, if he were to drop something and doesn’t notice it, would the dog pick it up for him?

    • Angelo Lombardi

      Stealing a service dog would depend on if that person could befriend the dog and have the dog follow them away from the owner. In Jax case not at all he do`s not make a good service dog out in public because of his sensitivity problem around strangers and what strangers do. As long as we indirectly engage with the public he dos ok. As for dropping something and not noticing, it has happened several time. One night in the dark one of my small keys fell off the key cluster as I was locking the door to the office on my way to the house which is 250ft away. I did notice in the dark he was picking something out of the concrete expansion joint on the handy cap ramp but thought it was a stick (he loves sticks) when we got the house I noticed he still had what I though was the stick in his mouth, I put my hand down and told him to spit it out and he placed the key in my hand, that was very cool.

  2. Angelo Lombardi

    Hi everyone, At 1:50 in the video the lady at the mall carrying her child upside down was something spontaneous. From what I could see she was just having fun with her child. If this was abuse I would have not put it in the video.

    • Uni Student

      Angelo Lombardi abuse? Probably not… but ‘having fun’??? Yeah…no. That kid was chuckin a

  3. Angelo Lombardi

    Hi everyone here is a video on Jax flipping a light switch on in the dark.  Thank you for your support.Angelo.

  4. Dear Angelo,
    How are you doning, I would like to contact you if you can send your contact number

    • Angelo Lombardi

      Hi, my contact info is on my website Thank you. Angelo

  5. Lariza Cruz

    you are so cool dude

  6. Chris Eubank

    What a gifted trainer you are! Fantastic job! I see 6 idiots don’t realize people need these dogs.

  7. Laura laura

    how old is the dog in this video he’s so pretty

  8. Sean P Ryan

    awesome…great work

  9. FlashyDogTFM

    This is awesome! I find it so interesting how people train service dogs to do all these specific things. Not to be offensive, but I could just imagine someone saying “get the cheese puffs” and the dog will actually get the cheese puffs 😂

  10. K-La Deschene

    At 1:53 why would she carry her child that way ?????

  11. Mary mahaney

    How dd u train your service dog to do that? that is amazing

    • Mary mahaney

      I trained my dog by taking him on walk and when we would get to a corner we would stop and then i would tell him when to go. Now when we go for walks we stop at every street corner and he will weight until he fills like it is safe to cross with me

    • Angelo Lombardi

      +mary mahaney Sorry for the late response I wanted to finish my video Service dog training with Lottie. This video will give you an idea of how I start training a puppy to become like Jax.

  12. Granny Grunt

    Beautiful dog & beautifully trained. You two truly are a team. He appears to love doing whatever you ask of him.

  13. princessaz79

    Do you train other dogs? I’m in Arizona.

  14. the moment the dog ran with the 2×4 straight into the fence, 😂

  15. Arabella Papp

    I was wondering if you trained your service dog and if stores ask for paperwork or an ID for him when going out?

  16. Annoymous Kitten

    1:50 lmao why is that child upside down

  17. That dog is awesome, I wish mine was like that

  18. Dorothy Hilde

    I notice the dog is wearing a prong collar. What is the purpose of it?

    • Dorothy Hilde

      She no longer wears it. I had since had shoulder surgery. It is no longer required.

    • Breanna Hahn

      Dorothy Hilde I know your comment is from a while ago but the dog is wearing a prong collar most likely not for an emergency precation. Usually trainers will have a dog wear the prong for training purposes, prong collars are great training tools while being used correctly although if they are used incorrectly they can be very harmful to a dog.

    • Michelle Rekuc

      +Dorothy Hilde
      It’s just a emergency precaution

  19. Gerard Calvey

    Outstanding! question why do u have the K9 jump on u to release item?

    • Angelo Lombardi

      +Gerard Calvey Hi Gerard, Jax is trained to release an item any way that you want him to. If I tap on my chest he will gently place items higher. I am getting ready to make another video showing Jax turning a light switch on and then off.  I will add other things as well like retrieve, hold, release.

  20. Kailie Skye

    The most interesting part to me was when you used the dog to get up. Thinking about it now I’m sure that’s a huge problem for people with disabilities and I think it’s great that dogs are able to help us in this way.

    • Kailie Skye

      Also having a service dog seems to be more effective than having a person help you bc it may seem like a burden but with a dog it’s a team.

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