Showdown with Holly | Dog Whisperer

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While dealing with Holly's food aggression, Cesar gets bitten on the hand.
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From London to the Jersey shore, Cesar Millan travels far and wide this season to help problem pups, including those of Kelsey Grammer, Jillian Michaels and Hugh Hefner. Watch as Cesar uses his uncanny skills to rehabilitate dogs and train people to achieve a balanced and natural relationship between humans and their pets.

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Showdown with Holly | Dog Whisperer

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  1. Amarina E.

    I don’t care what anyone says about that kick… If I had been bitten I would have run away as far as possible from this dog not try to mantain my calmness and show dominance. This guy is really commited! That’s professional!

    • Rimple Kooner

      Oh lord! This shows your aggression.(Wrong approach)

    • Brandin Fennessy

      give me a break

    • Almita O.

      Guess what ? He adopted her!!!👏👏👏👏

    • Rimple Kooner


    • Cracker

      those are some terribly looking weeds you find yourself in

      all cesars does is emulate nature and assumes the role of the pack leader, absolutely nothing cruel or useless here, cesars way is extremely viable and very practical

  2. João Oliveira

    “That is gangsta”

    • Francisco Garcia90

      You can tell he knows what hes doing, nobody is perfect thoe

    • Michael de Tremaudan

      It was the camera men circling the dog. It made her uneasy and Cesar happened to be looking at the owner when he briefly moved his hand towards Holly. She responded with aggression and he attempted to negate her aggression but she just pounced on him.

    • Jerz White


  3. 01001001101010


  4. Ahmed Billo

    Wer ist auch von Rudi da

  5. Viliam Beňa

    *imagine that dog would be smart enought to attack nuts instead*

  6. Ty ale fajny pimpuś a moga se go dodknonc ?

    • Kemal Fatih

      hey ,if anyone else is searching for easy dog training techniques try Magonsi Clever Canine Expert (should be on google have a look ) ? Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my cousin got cool success with it.

    • Jimmy Durham

      Pisar he proved the way to handle a hostile dog is first to punch him in the throat then kick him in the neck

    • alex433

      This was great, I have been researching “effective dog training tips” for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you ever come across – Biyiden Yonsabella Review – (do a search on google ) ? Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my m8 got amazing success with it.

    • Diamond OFFICIAL


    • Pitok Łysy

      Co ja tutej wogule robie?

  7. Karol Wawrzaszek


  8. laila1989ism

    I have much respect though. All the other men would run away if they would even get barked on let alone bitten. You can’t intimidate Cesar

    • Honin Akecheta

      Turns out this guy was notorious for abusing animals

    • John Guarizo

      The dog was anxious because of the cameraman.

    • Andrew Marshall

      NicholasBurp they still have sharp teeth as we saw and that’s all ghat matters.

    • creepy clown

      laila1989ism my husband brought a dog and he hurt our son in the head, I lost my mind and I can’t stand seeing dogs in front of me. Hate them

    • Kekistan Trollmeister

      MsPhillyG Yeah, then the dog rips your throat out in the middle of the night. Any dog attacks me like that it is getting shot.

  9. BlueTheWhiteWolf

    Yes. She is totally relaxed .-.

    • Dead Inside

      The cameraman distracted the dog, as you can see she looks at the cameraman for a split second making her nervous then that’s when Caesar approached her and she bites him because of the cameraman made her still feel uncertain

    • Imogen Gibbins

      Alarothic well I feel sorry for the dogs you train 😂😂 this dog is not relaxed at all. It’s giving clear body language that she’s uncomfortable. And he thinks she’s relaxed. He’s so full of bs

    • Samt Kralle

      TheArt OfTroll It was stupid cesar

    • Andres Figueroa


    • Lucky Luka


  10. Frances Jaranilla

    When I got bitten by my dog last year, I looked into all articles and videos that Cesar Millan had concerning aggressive dogs and tried it on my dog. It worked. He’s now very submissive and less aggressive. But I still plan to bring him to a behaviorist because you can never be too careful.

    • Brannix

      RaniaIsAwesome From what you said I can see you really don’t know much. Dogs became domesticated by being beaten along with selection to obey humans.
      your will to fight in ignorance is just silly.

    • RaniaIsAwesome

      Brannix ok, your nonsense just ends the conversation immediately, hopeless individual.

    • bubblegum bitch

      if a dog bites its owner its the owners fault… always. u low life scumbags talking about killing a dog should never get a dog to begin with cause yall dont wtf u doing

    • iiApplePineappleX3 YT

      My cousins dog scratches and bites me all the time. (Scratching was not intended) The whole family treats him too well, when he has to be well disciplined. My uncle kicks him, then grabs his neck and drags my cousins dog away. My parents and I are trying hard to train him.

    • Javier Morales

      snow0over0sahara I agree. I would put him down immediately. My families safety is paramount to any dog I will ever own.

  11. shirley arizaga

    That dog was scared looks like he has been mistreated before, maybe they tease the dog with food before or like no food.

    • savidge

      End the police corruption yeah Holly was in a submissive state, then as Cesar turns away to explain the situation to the owner, Holly gets nervous due to one of the camera crew and Cesar is unaware of this

    • Catherine Tran

      Chandra Leigh well you shouldn’t but the level of aggression is not right either.

    • Carbonel Dayos

      shirley arizaga i agree i felt bad that the dog is biting her owner.but i felt the dog is jst trying to eat & HER owner desturb her.after she bite.the dog looks scared confuse and still try to protecht herself fr touch of her owner.gosh

    • Mahlon Costello

      Caesar’s a professional what do u know more than he does

    • Blue Flare

      End the police corruption I was bit by a Lab. It actually knocked me down and bit my arm (luckily I had a heavy coat on due to the cold). Any dog can be aggressive. Just saying.

  12. He should whisper louder.. dog don’t seem to get it

  13. Truth 69

    So I looked it up and Cesar ended up adopting her after she bit him the family wanted to put her down but he wouldn’t let them good guy

    • mak hines

    • Katastrophik09

      Insomniac 141 you’re incorrect it wasn’t Cesar’s it was the camera man’s distraction (got to close to the dog) that led the dog to returned in to the distressed stage again. Watch the video clip once more.

    • Giovanni Ramirez

      Katastrophik09 the dog felt threatened by a crowd of people, they aren’t dumb creatures specially this one, it seems like this dog got abused by its previous owner. Whoever this joke of a vet in this comment section, dont act like you know anything about behavior on dogs, you’re only trained to be a nurse, not a dog whisperer, go play with yourself in the shower pussyboi

    • Giovanni Ramirez

      Katastrophik09 sorry i forgot to take off your name, i was talking to the “vet” in the comment section

    • Fabian Escalante

      Insomniac is a liar

  14. Steve Carras

    Maybe she wants a Cesar salad.

  15. Letitia Lyons

    He actually initiated the aggression with the food, but that was her problem, apparently…

    • Sileaine

      Cerusia you can change that in a more gentle manner

    • Brannix

      I don’t think you understand how humans domesticated dogs in the first place.

    • Tactical Torkoal

      Dogs shouldn’t be that aggressive anyway, especially around babies like he said

    • mak hines

      letitia….precisely why he was there …lol

    • Christian

      So then how is he going to help her if he cant see what the problem is

  16. Jennifer Livermore

    To everyone saying that Ceaser shouldn’t have used those methods to discipline Holly: Have you ever SEEN the dominance display of Alpha wolves? What we witnessed in this video was TAME in comparison to how wolves and other wild canines do to assert dominance

    • orhanc1

      No. The idea was first published in Expressions Studies on Wolves by L. David Mech. The wolves that were studied were not wild, but instead captive wolves. Mech (and the wider scientific community) has since rejected the idea.

    • ixdubjpusjufsgjc

      Lucky Glove dominance theory has been debunked for almost two decades. wolves and domestic dogs have been shown not to think in terms of “dominant alpha” and all that

    • RaquelRavage

      research david mech…all his research is free. he is the founder for the concept of dominance/alpha and found out he was 100% wrong and has spent his entire life trying to rectify the situation. wolves are not dominant…they are not necessarily alpha (depends on your definition). they operate as family units. the wolves that generated the “alpha” “dominance” concept were captive and none had formed pack…watch how wolves in the wild interact with those not in their family group/territory..its the same. but…all this goes out the window when we realize that the wolves today and our domestic dog only shared a common ancestor and that they are completely different. wolves are naturally fearful and weary of people…dogs are opposite and look to us for guidance…please read “dog sense” by dr. john bradshaw….it goes over this concept in extreme detail

    • Jennifer Livermore alpha and beta wolves DO NOT EXIST

    • Jennifer Livermore

      You guys are missing my point. What Cesar did in this video is tame in comparison to the dominance display of ANY form of wild/feral canine. Whether or not alpha or beta wolves exist wasn’t the argument here. I was using a term that most people know to help make my point clear but apparently you guys missed that.

  17. ClockworkSentinel

    So many idiots in the comment section saying he “hit” or “punched” her for “No reason”.

  18. Supreme Gamer

    *Dog leaches onto cesars hand*

    *get the water please…*

  19. *T H E* *P O O R*

    *hahaha that’s is good dog hahah😂😂😈 ymm😋😂😂😆😅*

  20. Vista Ninety-Eight

    A N G E R Y

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