Simple Dog Training Techniques

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Welcome Global German Shepherd Family to our digital kennel, German Shepherd

Why is German shepherd man holding a water hose? You're going to find out right now. Welcome to our digital kennel the global German Shepherd family right here and this water hose is one of Sergeant’s favorite pastimes he just absolutely loves loves the water hose. He also loves this Kong frisbee. He just loves this thing. So when you find something that they really love then it's a great training tool. So you know he likes both of these. Let's see if he'll choose one and I don't know if I've never done this before but see if he'll choose one.

In this video I will give you tips on how to train your german shepherd using toys that they love.

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  1. subagon

    Good, solid information!

    • German Shepherd Man

      Thank you subagon!!! More to come this year…Going to be FUN. GSM & Puppy Girl

  2. TheDoctors Whovian

    I definitely agree on using toys as motivation, particularly used in dogs which aren’t food-motivated. I would also recommend not using negative-based training – i.e Positive Punishment (e.g. E-collars, choke-chains) or Negative Reinforcement (e.g. removing something unpleasant, like pain, when the dog performs the desired behaviour) as they can lead to stress, anxiety/fear and frustration within dogs and harm owner-dog relationships. Reward-based training – Positive Reinforcement (e.g. using treats to increased desired behaviours) and Negative Punishment (e.g. ignoring howling dog) as they are not associated with welfare consequences, like negative techniques, and a vastly more successful in training dogs.

    • German Shepherd Man

      ANOTHER GREAT COMMENT FROM TheDoctors Whovian!!!!!!!!!!! Did everyone catch that? GSM

    • TheDoctors Whovian

      German Shepherd Man Awww thank you 😊😊

    • Uku Toots

      My dog does’nt care about toys, sticks, ropes and even cats! What can i do to motivate him?

  3. Furious fragment

    Where can I get black german shephards?

    • German Shepherd Man

      Hard to find good ones. Try and The AKC marketplace website…GSM

    • Mr. Der Der

      We got ours from best black German Shepherd. Well balanced, high toy and food drive, can focus and stay engaged for long periods of time, very confident, thick dense bones and loves dogs and people. He will choose a kong frisbee over a fat juicy steak too.

    • Mr. Der Der

      I was wondering why Sarge was so handsome. Our males mother is a Salztalblick. His Father is Nolan vom Altenwingerthaus. Amazing ancestry.

    • German Shepherd Man

      They are one of the BEST in the world of working line GSDs. GSM

    • German Shepherd Man

      They LOVE it!!! Sergeant will focus for half an hour and not blink. Awesome baby…GSM

  4. shamp the champ

    Love every video!!!! Merry christmas and Happy new years!!!!!

    • German Shepherd Man

      There he is!!!!!!!!!!!! Shamp THE Champ…Thank you sir. GSM

  5. Suzanne

    Informative as always, your right trainers do vary the way they get eye contact doing that research for my 3rd GSD made a lot of mistakes want to get it right thank you, how are your dealing with the snow? heard where you are snow was falling

    • German Shepherd Man

      We only had a little dusting here. Nearby they got three inches!!! GSM & Puppy Girl

  6. eltenda fabrizio

    Great video as usual!

  7. Pamela Reichardt Mundell

    Great training tip!

    • German Shepherd Man

      Thanks again Pamela Reichardt Mundell!!! We have to learn to think like a dog thinks to get things done. GSM

  8. Mary Kay Ryan

    Do you have any suggestions about the itchy tendency of GSD’s. My dog has no fleas. (It’s 17 below zero right now, so not flea season anyway). And she is brushed well and often and fed very high quality food. But she is at herself constantly. I think maybe it is the dryness of the winter air. Any thoughts or suggestions as I know skin issues are a big thing for GSD’s. My last girl also had them and they got very bad. Thanks and I love your videos. You so obviously adore your animals there.

    • Mary Kay Ryan

      Thanks for such a prompt reply. She eats Taste of the Wild but only likes the bison or lamb and does not like salmon type. Thus I do not give her salmon or fish oil for her skin, but started with olive oil. That did nothing. (Dog treats are not Taste of the Wild, but high quality and mostly grainless and artificial flavor-less. Some salmon oil, I see.) The reason I was not thinking it was her food is that she has been on it for over a year with no untoward effects. But as the weather became very dry, it started. She is from Ireland and so at least genetically unused to dry air. (I changed her food once just for variety and she got very itchy. That one had wheat or corn, I forget which. So I have seen food allergy but not with this long term food–or at least I don’t think so.) I agree about the vet and allergy tests. Was waiting for the -17 degrees and snow storms to abate a bit.

    • Kimberly Klenner

      Mary Kay Ryan My GSD Hans who is on a raw diet had that same problem only in the winter when I lived in Washington state. I started giving him Vet’s Best Seasonal Allergy Support, flea away, and coconut oil it really helped and his fur looks beautiful. It’s wonderful as they are all made from natural ingredients. I hope this helps.

    • German Shepherd Man

      FANTASTIC reply Kimberly Klenner!!! THANKS…GSM

    • Mary Kay Ryan

      Thanks so much for taking the time to help me out. Where is the Vet’s Best product available and in what form does it come? Dosage on coconut oil? Thanks again.

    • Kimberly Klenner

      I get the Vet’s Best product from It’s rather inexpensive. They come in chewable tablets. My pup doesn’t particularly like them so I crush them and hide them in his food. Hopefully yours isn’t so picky. I give about a spoonful of coconut oil a day.

  9. Laura's Life Dog Training & Dog Vlogs

    Great tip. I do train my dogs to lock on to my eyes though. It is amazing how much gets communication passes. However I do have collies so it is more natural for them I think. Really enjoying your channel, Thank you πŸ™‚

    • German Shepherd Man

      Since I taught myself to train my first dog in the 70s, that technique was something I missed. Can you describe some details on the process you do to accomplish that? If I can learn it and teach it to one of my babies I’ll do a video on it one day…Just thinking out loud. GSM

    • WolfsWail

      German Shepherd Man I trained my dog to look at me by first teaching the look at me command. Slowly increase the time of eye contact. Once they can make eye contact with you for about a minute, then you can start to walk them. Start walking slowly, with the look at me command, for about three seconds. Gradually increase the time that you are walking, while rewarding them. It will take a lot of time and practice, but eventually it will be default for them to make eye contact with you while walking. I also recommend starting inside and going outside only when they have the trick down, to prevent distractions. πŸ˜€

    • German Shepherd Man

      I like it WolfsWail…I will try it on my next pup that I will be raising!!! You get the Daily BEST COMMENT Award!! GSM

    • Laura's Life Dog Training & Dog Vlogs

      I use a bit of ground chicken and bone ( her food) and hold it by my eyes as soon as she looks right in my eyes I mark it with “yes” then she gets the food. I put the food behind my back otherwise. Once she is looking in my eyes I say “focus me”. After that its just the verbal cue and pointing to my eyes before she is rewarded. I also ask for “focus me” prior to putting her meals down . To get duration I say “goooood” Like everything with training it takes time. I started this at 8 weeks old and now when she is working she is locked to my eyes. If she looks away I calmly say “no”. then she looks back and I mark it again. She is an immature 17 months.. Much easier to show this then explain it πŸ™‚ Your dog loves his sticks so you could hold by your face at eyes level then mark it with “yes” then let him have it. From watching him I would think that would work. You know your dogs likes so you have a head start. I started dog training at age 6,first handler award at 8 so been decades . Once your dog is making eye contact it is like they can read your mind. We broadcast our intentions very loudly with body language and eye movement so it is wonderful . I hope this helps. Basic marker training really πŸ™‚

    • German Shepherd Man

      NEXT puppy I’m going to do it Laura’s way. Stay tuned, it may be a while…GSM

  10. Hey, a quick maintenance question, actually two. How often should I be washing my gsd? I’ve heard different suggestions as once a month to once every six month! Lastly could you do a video on how to brush their teeth? Thanks

    • German Shepherd Man

      If you brush out your dog every day you only need to wash them once or twice a year, BUT if they get into something that makes them smell, that’s different…I make the exception. I WILL say that washing them monthly is not good for the natural oils on their skin. I’m not a fan of monthly washing…but that’s just me. GSM

    • German Shepherd Man thank you so much!

    • Camilo Quintero

      When you mention washing, do you mean with soap? Because what if I just wash him down with a hose, is that also only recommended twice a year? Or can I just water wash him whenever he gets into mud or dirt

  11. Jessica Bryant

    Why at towards the end of the video did you say to not do this with youger dogs 12 months minimum? Just before you threw the kong

    • German Shepherd Man

      He is 3 years old in this video…Just wanting people to know that if they have a younger dog DON’T let them jump for things or off of elevated positions as it’s bad for their young joints. Thanks Jessica Bryant!!! Great question…GSM

    • Marcus sundholm

      Is it ok if they run around like that after a ball or something as long as you try to keep jumping down? I am trying to find ways to get my Shepard’s energy out without hurting his developing joints.

  12. Marcus Moran

    GSM and Girl, i just recently found your page. I must say you are a answered prayer. Just got my all black german shepherd, Jazmine, shes now 14 months with zero prior training. She is not food/treat driven at all as far as training. Before your videos ive resorted to toys as rewards. My question is, whats an effective way to use said toys? I.E. “sit” then throw the toy after she sits? Im unsure about the ways of using toys in its most effective ways, youd think a guy in the military for 8 years would know…
    Anyways, love your channel keep up the beautiful work! Always looking forward to more videos, thank you.
    BTW she is my first shepherd. Ill tale any info or outlets you can lead me too

    • German Shepherd Man

      You will have to do something that maybe you haven’t thought about…You HAVE to think like your dog THINKS. Period. Learn what MOVES HER and become her in that moment…Then you can have something special with your dog that a lot of people miss. Forget the regimen for now…Learn her heart and what she LOVES. When you have that you can take that love thing she wants to have/experience and you can then put her in a position or a place and attach a “command” to it with a “marker” of PRAISE that’s over the top…They LOVE THAT, the praise, but get in the habit of PRAISING within 1 SECOND of the desired behavior that you are looking for. Let me know when you get there, because then you will REALLY be ready to train your dog. Maybe a little philosophical, that is my way. GSM

    • Marcus Moran

      German Shepherd Man very well put, an excellent interpretation. If youd be willing to video chat with both of our busy schedules, even a few mins would be much appreciated, and you would be compensated to any charity you desire to help these beautiful creatures. Im just a humble man looking to give this animal the best life it can have within my knowledge.
      If not, keep feeding me videos, possibly longer slightly mote in-depth would be fantastic. Thank you for your reply, i truly respect what you do and show, not many realize what entails in bringing a shepherd into the family.

    • German Shepherd Man

      I’m thinking you are right concerning the “more in-depth”…”humble man looking to give this animal the best life it can have” ditto GSM

  13. Great video as always. Excellent ideas.

    • German Shepherd Man

      Thank you sir…Tell Megan G “Hi” for us. GSM & Puppy Girl

    • Sure will. She is super excited for Mia to have some puppies. X-Rays have gone to OFA for review…

    • German Shepherd Man

      You’re doing the right things…Get a DM test from OFA as well, just to know. GSM

  14. Megan G

    Sargent is such a good dog. Mia will run if she sees the water hose. She gets super excited for the chuckit ball. πŸ€— MG-GSG

    • German Shepherd Man

      Yeah…He can get in the way sometimes when we are watering some plants or something, but it’s all worth it to have him with us. GSM

  15. Daveyboy9000

    German Shepard Man is a great genuine man! Such a great channel full of valuable info. I so look forward to getting a German Shepard one day and these videos will help so much in my preparation

    • German Shepherd Man

      Keep reaching and learning my brother…It never ends. GSM

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  17. Mark van der Neut

    I love dogs and I love your channel!

    • German Shepherd Man

      Thank you so much Mark van der Neut…We love our commenters!!! GSM

  18. Courtney Carpenter

    Training question. How do you train your puppy using treats without them always relying on a treat when given a command. So, lets say you train your puppy from the beginning using treats as praise or rewards when they do well. I don’t plan to carry treats with me 24/7 once they are pretty well trained, so how would I don’t want them to start going backwards in training if they stop receiving a treat after a command. Suggestions?

    • German Shepherd Man

      Great question Courtney Carpenter…I will “mark” good behavior within ONE second of the desired response with a vocalization and SOMETIMES a treat. I actually only use treats to get a behavior “set” in their mind along with the “command” and usually a hand signal as well. That way, after they have the desired behavior associated in their mind with the mark, treat and/or hand signal I can take the treat out of the equation as they grow. Some people use different types of marks like clickers, whistles, etc. All of them work with these dogs as they are VERY trainable and intelligent. GSM


    My dog hates water lol. She runs at the sight of a water hose or when it is shower time.

    • German Shepherd Man

      Sergeant will get a water hose in his mouth ANYTIME!!! GSM

  20. Brannagan O'Brannagan

    Your videos are so cool, I’m up and hour and a half early just to catch up on what I haven’t seen since finding you GSM…..and to look at the beautiful pups too! Hey, you and Puppy Girl have a great weekend!

    • German Shepherd Man

      Thanks a LOT Brannagan O’Brannagan!!! More videos coming in a few days PLUS, I’m about to do a series on “Raising Layla The Lovely” my new female puppy I just bought. GSM

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