Socializing Puppies to Surfaces and Sounds – clicker dog training

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I am in Germany staying with the breeder Katja Pohlers Of Silent Storm border collies. I am picking up a puppy for my spouse. Our puppy's name is Lumos. The breeder is socializing the puppies to all different kinds of surfaces and noises. Sit back and enjoy watching with me! Puppies need to be socialized to all the different environments, sights, sounds, and smells that they could possibly encounter in their lifetime during their most important socialization period. The benefit of socializing the puppies while still at the breeders is the puppies still have the support of the litter and the parents, and breeder. The time at the breeders is also during the most important socialization period. Proactive training and socialization prevents so many problem behaviors down the line. You can help your breeder by volunteering to help with the puppies socialization.

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  1. Gunjee N

    Cute! 😀

  2. Trish McDermott

    Beautiful puppy! Congrats!

  3. Mimijona

    So adorable!

  4. Qué lindo!!!

  5. chihuahua bulldog

    What a cute video.  As always, very good information.  Thank you for sharing.

  6. Clever Catchphrase

    You’re getting a new puppy? I can’t wait to watch him learn and grow with you! 😀

    Also, do you know if all those objects were bought, or were some of them hand made? I’m especially curious about the one device that has a moving floor and wind chimes.

    • Dog Training by Kikopup

      They were made by the breeders- They were indeed very cool!   Lumos is fearless with surfaces because of it!  

  7. Aydin Hartt

    I wish we had a conditioning park in so. Cal you could rent it would be easier than finding it plus a group environment seems to make the process go by faster.

    • Dog Training by Kikopup

      Yes, if all the breeders got together, they could think something up, and change the world for dogs!

  8. Sharon Page

    Wow, what a fantastic breeder. Those are some lucky puppies, and lucky future owners to get dogs that have had these fun experiences growing up.

  9. Emily CorgiOwner

    What a beautiful puppies ! <3

  10. These puppies are so adorable 🙂

  11. suhaylett

    Wow Emily, you couldn’t resist another Collie, super video.

  12. Peace And Woof

    OMG! I loved watching this! Those puppies are so cute!! Do you have tips for socializing older dogs to different surfaces and sounds? I’d like to help make my Habibi more confident without traumatizing him further! lol

    • Dog Training by Kikopup

      How to train your dog not to bark – episode 2- barking at scary objects

    • Dog Training by Kikopup

      The video I linked is how I trained my own Border Collie- who was frightened of “weird things” as a puppy and adolescent. That is only for sights though.  For sounds you have to use counter conditioning and do things way below where your dog has a reaction, and then build it up. Having the dog slightly startle as you do counter conditioning can be stressful and then the dog cant learn as fast.

  13. Andrea Mc Tigue

    There so cute!!

  14. Julia pak

    I think it’s so cool that you gals have so many dogs :). I’m sure Lumos will enjoy the company. I think all your dogs are cool. 

  15. Emily Lyons

    That is an awesome set up for the puppies! love it

  16. Guardians of Time

    милые бордерки :3

  17. Stephenies Petcare

    All the way to Germany did i hear that right? Fab video, i get my puppy tomorrow and plan on exposing him to all sorts of environments, animals and people. I’ve really enjoyed your videos 

  18. SpeLinnea

    This is wonderful to see. Such cute puppies. I am sure Lumos will get a great home with you guys! 🙂

  19. NikKru Gadgets

    Wait, you’re in Germany? Will you be traveling and giving seminars?

    • Dog Training by Kikopup

      I was hoping to plan a seminar in Germany, but instead I planned a most amazing seminar in the Canary Islands that was a blast! 🙂

    • Dog Training by Kikopup

      I got back about 6 days ago

  20. suhaylett

    going back to San Diego ? is that for long?

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