Soldier Reunion Dog Crying

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soldier reunion dog crying .


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  1. Ghost Vampire Gal

    Aww he’s going like Mommy don’t leave me again!!!

  2. julianarwen

    What on god’s green earth did we do to deserve these beautiful loving

  3. Illuminati

    788 people clicked the wrong button.


    Who says they don’t know . Dogs know a lot more than we think they do .

  5. Bust Nutyear

    Meanwhile my cat shits on the carpet.

    • Wimsem - Tekenen & Knutselen

      +Bust Nutyear haha lol

    • ぎむばとぅろ

      goodbye earth, i’m dead


  6. Ginettecruz Cruz

    omg i think im crying more than him😪😪😪😪


      +mbigboyny true as hell

    • mbigboyny

      oh please… women cry when the sun don’t shine, when the car don’t start,
      or when there’s no more tampons under the bathroom sink…😿😔😧😧


    I was over seas for 2 year and my cat didn’t know i was gone

  8. clunkmess

    We don’t deserve dogs…

  9. yasi ashrafi

    776 heartless people in need of hearts

  10. barnes 77

    GORGEOUS lovely dog


  11. Pseudo Essie

    i love dogs

  12. Пьянь ебАная

    Где солдат? Баба какая-то с собакой.

  13. Lucas Dias de Souza

    If this is not love, so what is love?

  14. TheGamerkidMC

    Awwwww!!!! :’)

  15. Paige Cat

    That is just precious!

  16. Maria Dade Cowles

    that touched my heart❤

  17. iammontecristo

    One of the many looks of love. Dogs can really feel. Having one around can
    be good for the soul

  18. 798 in need of souls! pleaze help these stranger find a soul that cares <3

  19. Princess Briar dash


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