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Click HERE to Get the Best Products for Your Canine Family Member

***Update*** It breaks our hearts to announce that on March 02, 2016 we had to make the tough decision to put Cotton down. He had been suffering for awhile with pain that we could no longer successfully manage and decided to let him pass on with dignity. We believe that Cotton was placed in our lives as much to save us as he was to save him. Thank you for all your support, now go hug your dog.

Our deaf rescue pitbull excited to have daddy come home!!! Go Oregon National Guard!!! He had been gone for drill weekend and was so happy to see him! I think Cotton didn't know how long 2 days could feel! and for the haters out there I had just seen my husband the day before. So pardon my "lack of excitement :)" thank you to the supporters, I know theres alot of haters posting on here. We got Cotton as a rescue surprise for my husband upon his return home from Afghanistan in 2009 and we got him certified as Phil's service dog. Its a sweet video showing that not only do people miss the soldiers, their dogs do too.

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