Stop Excitable Whining Dog from Whining

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Peter Caine Dog Training

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  1. Asherley 87

    mine won’t learn and all she does is scream all the time

    • mmalands Allen

      +Peter Caine Dog Training
      omg. lmao. how did u think he would answer? havent u watch and listen to anything he has
      if u have watched u would know he doesn’t waste any time right to the problem straight to the point kind a him even more..just because he’ is……………….

    • katterkat58

      Ks Narayanan I just went to that page and it don’t exist they say.

    • Peter Caine Dog Training did you really just respond to this person this way? sounds like she was looking for guidance. I suppose that isn’t your intention for having this video.

    • Ks Narayanan

      Friеnds If уоu rеаllу wаnt tо Тrаin уоur dооооg рrоfеssiоnаllуthеn уоu Shоuld сhесk out this wеbsitе рррреrsоnаllу tried it аnd it vеrу hеееlрful thаt’s whу I аm rесоmmеnding this wеbsitе tо all……… Stор ЕЕEхсitаblе Whining Dog frооm Whining

    • Well you’re a rude one arnt you. Try finding a local petsmart or trainer I’m sure there are methods to fix it 🙂 You sound like you want to teach your pup

  2. John Stgermain

    i have a dark redhead Golden Retriever dog and im trying to stop her from whining she is in my room but ive tryed to take her for a walk but she was fine but when i was taking her inside she whines agian

  3. ChangeStarts WithMe

    So far my dog will remain seated with the door open but the whinnying remains.

  4. Avery Hughes

    That was cool man, if only my gf dog would learn to behave

  5. Philip Blight

    Good explanation but I would like to see the process used to stop the whining.

  6. Jackie Pitts

    Enjoying your videos.

  7. Mike Tye-sun

    so my 6yr old GSP whines when he is tired and chewing on his “baby”, is that ok, if not what should I do, take the stuffed animal till he stops whining and then give it back ?

  8. Desting Martin

    you are so lame

  9. The Chow Chows

    I don’t get how he stopped the whining

    • Maria Garcia-Eggly

      +The Chow Chows That was implied on the first part. i.e not letting the dog out when HE wants to, but when given the command. You NEVER let a whining dog out of a crate. You wait until they STOP whining then lewt them out. You repeat this several times a dya, even weeks for some dogs, until they figure out no whining = door open and I will be let out.

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