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OSCAR THE BOXER on Facebook. Become a fan. The most famous boxer in South America and maybe the world: Oscar the Boxer does his thing…NO this doesn't hurt his ears, he loves sirens and pulls to be close to them.

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  1. San Andreas

    that was uploaded on Halloween in 10 years ago when i was born

  2. Holy hell, I remember watching this almost 10 fucking years ago.

  3. Chris Witt

    this was like one of the first youtube videos i ever watched haha

  4. Razdaspaz

    Still makes me laugh after all this time….always, it’s those lips and the
    fact he doesn’t open his mouth at all lol

  5. Larry Whinnery

    Is he still alive?

  6. Maria Alejandra London


  7. simon rylance

    fire engine cannot out do Oscar ^^

  8. Film produkt

    That howling means the sound hurt his ears.

  9. Brian Buie

    man I love this video I cant stop watching it LMAO

  10. Brian Buie

    this is my morning ritual to start my day with a smile thanks OSCAR you da

  11. Eliya DOSTOURIAN


  12. i m Oscar :)

  13. goodbye oscar… we always love you😢❤️

  14. miah love

    Aww Oscar you are just too adorable and funny!😀

  15. TrueKnightRider

    Wow, You are really good. We Enjoyed this, Well done.

  16. Silueta Roja

    Wau wau wau wau wau wau.

  17. Lynn Lovingood

    So glad Oscar is alive and well. Been watching his videos since a pup. I
    miss my Boxers and hoping that my next one rescues me soon. Hugs and smile
    to Oscar!

  18. justelectronicmusic

    bye oscar :(

  19. hahaha.. awesome

  20. OscarBoxer

    yes. I’m still alive! healthy and full of energy. thanks for the comments.

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