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This Israeli trained dog takes self protection to a whole new level! #epic

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  1. Clorox Bleach

    How can I train my goldfish to do the same?

  2. Daddy McHotloads

    This same dog also finished law school

  3. xXshewolfDragoness

    hold on hold on the dog shouldent attack right when someone swings at him. suppose his friend comes over (this is a example) and the friend does a playful punch or wrestle, then the dog would attack right away and thats bad

    • River Capulet

      if its a friend, then the initial order wouldn’t be to “protect”. He only enters guard mode when the command has been said.

  4. Rocky Tou

    Should be try with a sniper gun

  5. Reggie Miller

    When he told him to open his legs, I thought the dog was gonna bite his nuts off.

  6. Jason Bourne

    2nd amendment. Buy a gun w/ a background check pass and open carry it or get a conceal carry permit. Don’t have to feed, take it to the vet, nothing. It’s always with you by your side :)Bang 💥 bang 💥

  7. wish i can train my turtle like this

  8. I have this dog and 2 dobermans

  9. Eman Tsrif

    Rather eat humans in a restuarant than dogs in a reatuarant.

  10. rounick arabuglu

    2 kilo more less for dog is better.good dog ofcourse.

  11. Piisamirotta

    Incredible! Such a loyal creature.

  12. adolf hitler

    its good to have such a dog, but i rather treat my dog as an friend and i’d rather risk my life than hers if someone attacks

  13. FyRe_Minkay

    im here from instagram😂

  14. Jalil Sagzai

    How can you get one??

  15. Jose Rodrigue

    great job guys great training great dog

  16. BlackSkinnyDude

    What breed is that????

    • Faroek Nasierkhan

      Its a low quality upload. So its hard to identify this dog. Since the answer is given i am just adding my info.

      I have a two year old bassett hound that has bitten everyone in the family. He is totally aggressive when it comes to making him do something he doesnt want to do. There has been times when he has tried to bite my feet when just walking by him. Putting him down is now the last option.

    • Sofia Diogo

      What are you talking about? First, you couldn’t even identify the breed and now you became an expert. For your information, as much as I admire the Malinois, it’s a breed I would never choose as a family dog, because I know them well enough

    • Faroek Nasierkhan

      +Sofia Diogo The fact is Malinois do not make good pets, as they are strictly working and sporting dogs. If you are NOT already involved with dog sport, you should not get a Malinois.

    • Sofia Diogo

      Faroek Nasierkhan – For such an admirer, you don’t know the breed that well, do you? The dog is a Belgian Shepherd, a Malinois. Greetings from Antwerp, Belgium 🙂

    • Sofia Diogo

      Belgian Shepherd aka Malinois

  17. Анатолий Уваров


  18. chskn nugrettes

    So what happens when you pull out a knife to cut up some carrots?

  19. Aleksije Vujovic

    While this is very impressive, this is not a guard dog, but a personal protection dog (defend and/or attack) aka a working/service dog.

    • Oriel Lol

      nah man im from isreal this dog is from isreal and the ppl hwo sell this dogs sell them for gurding

    • Anti-Gravity Gaming

      This can definitely be called a guard dog due to the fact that it guards you from potential attackers.

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