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  1. Andy McCarter

    Keep up the good work man. I always look forward to your videos and still enjoy watching your older content. Viva la Revolucion !

  2. Caryn Wilson

    I was looking for the silver you had in your thumbnail. I have a silver lab too!

  3. I’m not ordering from your sponsor Petflow till you pronounce coupon as coupon. Not qpon

    • Janel Holsten

      Ha!!  I’ve always said qpon too.  Maybe a Midwest thing?

    • Courtney Nicholls

      { The REAL SECRET To Successful Dog Training. Get Faster Results By Boosting Your Learning } *»» —— ««* \\\\\\

    • Katatawnic

      Isn’t this extortion?! 😂

    • +Zak George’s Dog Training rEvolution Meet me halfway, Zak. Say coopon in one video and you’ve got my Petflow subscription. Haha

    • Zak George's Dog Training rEvolution

      I’m with you Katatawnic! lol coo-pon just doesn’t feel right!

  4. Janel Holsten

    Thank you thank you for providing these free videos!  It’s so hard to read a book and implement, but seeing these videos shows me exactly how to communicate and teach my puppy in  a way you cannot get from pages of a book.  I will support you!

  5. Any of y’all have any tips for an 8 week old puppy?

    • Courtney Nicholls

      //// The Online Dog Trainer Is Easy & Fun… And Works For ALL BREEDS of Dogs! /// == *»» —— ««* ==

    • Katatawnic

      Huh, never mind, I guess my initial comment did post, at least via Google+. It didn’t show up on the YouTube comments. They’re weird. 😂

    • Katatawnic

      You’re welcome. I tried posting the direct link, but YouTube doesn’t let me post YouTube’s own links in comments. The playlist is easy to find, though. Best of luck and love with your puppy. 😊

    • Emily Palmer

      Feeding schedule and crate training. Potty training will be a breeze

    • +Katatawnic thanks

  6. Tejas Lodha

    Post some more videos

  7. Ivona S_193

    Heyy Zak can you make a video why dogs haul?

  8. pancho villa

    hi zak I wanted to know what your thoughts about negative markers ?

  9. Karolina Knach

    You don’t do a european tour do you? As i coukd really need some help with my puppy

  10. Kira Maria Ambrosia

    Have ever considered looking into the benefits of feeding dogs a homemade raw food diet?

  11. I am trying to sign up for Patron but having technical problems. Will get there eventually!

  12. olivia havitov

    I am going to get my dog soon.Its a toy poodle. Do you think you can make a video with one please.I really enjoy your videos and they have really helped me. I really feel ready for one.Also do you mind making a video on how to convince your parents to get a dog please.Thank you so much once again😄😄😄

  13. Nóra Winter

    I became a supporter this month 🙂 not a huge sum, but I wanted to chip in. xx

  14. i am not even gonna get a dog in a year but I’ve been watching your vids so much so i can be prepared! thanks for making these vids!

  15. HaileyDee

    Ok… So I got a puppy at 5 week and 3 days(she is 8 weeks now). Yes I know you are not supposed to until they are at least 8 weeks. But the mom barely took care of her.and rarely feed her when she was first born. She was the only puppy. The lady didn’t want her cause she had to many dogs and lives in an area where there are a lot of aggressive dogs. So we took her and she was fine. But recently she has started to bite a lot

    • Kathy Mills

      I just stumbled upon this channel and I am no expert, but puppies bite (and chew on things) when they are teething. Maybe he has a video on this? I”m sure there are videos on this issue out there somewhere. If you can afford to TAKE her to training, that would be good too. When she’s biting on you, maybe offer a toy she can bite on instead. Good luck! And maybe you’ll get an answer from Zak

    • HaileyDee

      She has learned how to sit. But when she bites it hurts. We have tried EVERYTHING. We need help please help me.

  16. hahayourfunny94


  17. Hey zak, im from Argentina, Your videos are awesome, They are so simple and effective! Keep going you job!!. I would like to ask you how can we teach a fearful dog to walk on leash? I hope your response ! Sorry for my bad english tho.

    • Terri Balthazard

      yes, please. I have a fearful dog too. he is very big and he scares people so I need to get this under control. thank you.

  18. I have just got a 8 week old Tibetan Terrier any tips guys xx

    • +Tesla Nick Thanks! I will give that a try. I can get him to come, sit, stay, release on walks but I think the 8ft lead was not enough space for him to figure out that NOT rushing to the end gives the chance to not do the chore. And I have worked him a little on the 30ft but haven’t let him have the whole distance on walks yet. Smart!

    • Tesla Nick

      This worked wonders for one of mine (who was a prolific puller) – he’d obviously never even experienced a ‘loose leash’ walk in his life so it was a brand new concept.

      I started him on a 30ft training lead. I created a game where whenever he went into ‘pulling mode’ – I called it ‘digging in’ I stop, ask him to come to me (wait it out), ask him to sit and wait to be released; ‘go play’ or whatever cue you want.

      After a few weeks of having to perform this ‘chore’ whenever he went back into pulling mode (I insisted on it every single time) he made the connection: pulling = having to return to me and wait. He now avoids the ‘chore’ by avoiding pulling. He also generalised the behaviour to any length of lead. The most important bit is the wait to be released. Be careful not to reinforce a behaviour chain of; run to the end of the lead > run back > run to the end of the lead > run back etc. Obviously you also need all the elements in place (recall+sit+stay+release).
      Throughout the process I was also working on other attention building exercises (watch me/tug games etc).

      Consistency is key to getting this one down. Enforce it EVERY time and insist on completion of the exercise.
      Good luck and report back. We always love to hear when people make progress.

    • +Tesla Nick off topic but I am looking for some external input. My 60lb 1-year-old mutt is pretty good on leash, but eventually starts to pull and needs reminders. He also will take off from a sit (like when we are waiting for traffic) and hit the end of the 8-ft lead hard. I hate it and that will never do for a service dog, my eventual goal. I have used a collar and a harness, little difference. I reward with forward progress and verbal feedback for loose lead. We are working on Heel but for daily neighborhood walks I don’t want his full attention 100% of the time. I use Steady to remind him to give to leash pressure and he will back a step or two when we stop because he has been pulling. I have tried click and treat for loose lead (too much focus required) and changing direction for pulling (more opportunities to race to end of leash). I have taught him Whoa for slowing down while he is running alongside my bike (we use a bungee lead and a different harness from walking so he knows when leash pressure matters most.). He also has learned that he is to stay on my left, move leftward when I say, and only pass me from behind on my left (I also hate tripping on leashes and being tied in knots). Any other ideas to prevent the racing off to the end of the lead after sitting behavior? Chalk it up as youthful exuberance? He is my first big dog and first one this young too. My other two have near-perfect leash manners.

    • Tesla Nick

      You’re more than welcome. I could go on for hours with advice.

      The number one piece of advice and the single most important concept Zak taught me is to control puppy’s environment. Restrict his access to anything that isn’t his only a little access to your house. I use a play pen and crate and baby gates. Puppy needs to know from the off that he needs to ask before he can go somewhere. It really helps them control their impulses. Wait before you exit your crate when I open the door/wait at the door before exiting the pen, gate, door, front door. Be strict with yourself and stick to it. My dogs have to ‘earn’ everything they get from me. If you get this down from the beginning, you’ll be wanting to show off how well behaved and trained your dog is. Stuff they learn now is set up for life and won’t need any ‘maintenance’ later on.

    • Tesla Nick

      +Matthew walker
      Exactly. Puppy’s bones are still developing so three 20 minute walks is better than one 1 hour walk. Also no jumping down from high places or anything jarring until at least nine months (get vet’s advice – breeds vary).
      Puppies tend to have short bursts of energy and then sleep for a few hours. They also have what I call their ‘witching hour’ where they go crazy, crazy and won’t stop for anything. Just ride these out as best you can (gentle ‘tug’ games are good) and wait until puppy calms down, then reward him for calming down.

  19. Nicola Givans

    AHH I WISH I WAS OLDER I WANT SEND IN MONEY TO HELP WITH UR VIDEOS BUT I CANT IM 11😑 and don’t have a dog😁 THATS HOW GOOD UR CONTENT IS SO DONT GIVE UP IF I WERE OLDER I WOULD SEND IN $25 DOLARS A MONTH TRUST!👌🏾👌🏾🙏🏾💛 pleas please don’t stop making ur awesome videos ilysm❤️💯💯💯💯💯

  20. Creative Flower

    Nice video 👍👍

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