The Martingale Collar – Dog Training Equiptment

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This video is a part of the whole "Choosing a Collar for Your Dog" video. In this video I describe and talk about the martingale collar and its advantages and why I recommend it to almost anyone for their dogs.

The key thing I want to stress is that I recommend the martingale collar for the safety and security it provides to your dog and you as his or her owner. Please watch and share this video.

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  1. elephantsarefriends

    Nice video. Where would you recommend  buying this collar from?

  2. Coconut ScienceGirl92

    I just use a harness.

    • July Mays

      Coconut ScienceGirl92 great job. You make your dog into a puller

    • Beck Styles

      or just train your dog

    • Beck Styles

      July Mays YES!

    • lealani presa

      People say harnesses are good for pulling yea they are really nkt it actually ALLOWES them to pull which incurages it

    • July Mays have you ever heard about dog training? Train your dog to not pull on a harness.. Good job, using collars gives your dog neck injuries

  3. Amber Black

    Ever found a place to buy martingales in bulk?

    • Robert Cabral

      NO. try amazon

    • Lawrence Kraus

      We’d be happy to sell them in bulk to you. Call us for pricing. Crowd Pleaser Pet Products (800)488-3885 Ask for Lawrence

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