This is why dog training is a must!!!

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Dog training – Why dog training is necessary and what can be the benefits of training your dog properly.

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  1. Kako Shirazi

    3 dogs running around like 3 cats while the family got robbed by 3 11 yo KIDS…

    • Devon Duke

      mustafa chey Yea and so is your mom lol

    • aquariex24

      Except they weren’t cats. They were dogs. Which means dogs can be even more useless.

    • aquariex24

      Devon Duke go take a nap little boy.

    • Ridwan Khan

      Bi Din cats are very territorial, I’m sure they’d do more than what these Sheppard’s did.

  2. Adv. Deepak Saroj

    What else can be expected from golden retriever and labrador, they are so friendly even towards strangers.. these are not meant for guard purpose.
    Another is GSD which is best protection and guard 🐕

    • Charlotte Ball

      My German Shepherd is a wimp but she makes enough noise to scare most people off. I have seen other GSDs in frenzy though and because they’re in a frenzy they tend to not notice much pain. Each dog is different. Golden Retrievers tend to be big friendly goofballs though haha

    • coach lewis -the hockey tutorial for kids

      GSD s r also great pets

    • flight wing

      Adv. Deepak Saroj right

    • lily quan

      It has been scientifically studied that a dog breed does not shape there personality, some can be very aggressive not just looking at the outside.

    • Shane Barnett

      Chocolate Gelato that’s why everyone in the world uses them as Amry /military dogs your a fucking idiot

  3. Adv. Deepak Saroj

    For protection and guard purpose GSD, ROTTWEILER, DOBERMAN are best breed. These breed protects us and our property even without training

    • Richard Santana

      nhaplayz the one for protecting against people an American bully or bandogge would be better more mass and a stronger bite, plus you don’t have to train them as much to protect against humans since they’re bred to have that innate trait. Pit bulls are better if you are planning on having them protect against animals, but to have them protect against people would require more training since they were never bred to be human aggressive.


      Shaleen Dalal as we have seen on the video the gsd attacked the hand with the gun and thats what they do in most cases so yeah they Will be fine

    • Hot tea

      Marco Diaz Jr my pitt would just kill them whit a big *kiss*

    • Nathan Campos

      German Shepard to

    • Allahja Flowers

      Justin Credible and how many of those “pit bulls” are actually pit bulls? But ig a idiot like you wouldn’t realize any dog with a little muscle and a blocky head will be labeled as a pit bull so as far as you know unless you’ve been at every attack…pit bulls could only be responsible for 10% of the attacks or 100% but who knows since dogs are misidentified every day

  4. The Force is with me

    My pit bull would have attacked those robbers and licked them to death lol.

    • Chocolate Gelato

      Jakuberz Yt
      Sorry, you are wrong there. Kill me and you will go to jail with a much harsher sentence than you would, even if you even see the inside of a jail cell over the killing of an animal. Why? Human life is of greater value.

    • Norbert xD

      Omofros OMG&3LOL i was trolling but you are going to hell. aN1meL fAGer

    • Jonathan23 blueboy

      Che Com my moms pit was shot 5 times 1 hit his head and he still lived

    • Allahja Flowers

      John Don idiots like you need to be eradicated off this planet

    • Allahja Flowers

      Doug Carter your either lying or the dog that attacked your German Shepherd wasn’t a pit bull bc if a pit bull got a hold of your German Shepherd I guarantee you it would have died unless you somehow killed the pit before it killed your dog…I’ve seen pits make mastiffs look like pussies so ik your Shepherd didn’t “stomp” a pit bull…maybe some type of mutt that looked like one but it definitely wasn’t a pit

  5. avinash tiwari

    Dogs were so happy that so many guests here lol😂😂😂😂

  6. Sincere One

    Lol! Dogs thought they were friends and family!

    • Spider/Gagambang derby Philippines

      Look the other side maybe the robbers is past Employee or workers and the dogs recognise them

    • Aman Abbas

      One most intresting video…😀😀

    • Peter K

      Those dogs were NOT trained for protection. My dogs were accepting, even friendly to guests, unless I said otherwise. If I wasn’t home, NO ONE GOT IN.

    • Main Buchanan

      Sincere One are u really laughing right now when there are people who almost died and lost things!

    • Sincere One

      Main Buchanan Eeeeeeyup!😆

  7. Jason Wilson

    The golden retriever thinks there playing a game

  8. imli Lee

    The most useless dogs on earth

    • facemobb02

      Jo Anna dam sometimes if you not gonna say something just don’t type it at all. How you know he eat dog or do you know every Chinese person?

    • Julio Chavez

      imli Lee Give the dogs a break pal, they are retrievers, not guard dog breeds..

    • Julio Chavez

      Chocolate Gelato what breeds? There are very few breeds that are highly trainable to be companion dogs for the blind.

    • Julio Chavez

      facemobb02 it’s culture mother fucker, just like rice and chopstix..culture.

    • aetherisc


  9. Abdul sadat Yahya

    an untrained rotweiller will still attack…an untrained Caucasian will attack…it’s the kind of dog breed and temperaments

    • johnlee kemp you’re stupid. A dog protecting its person or property is not vicious. People like you are deranged

    • Abdul sadat Yahya

      from how you talk..??? you need medical attention…stop using drugs….

    • Gabriel

      Please do your own research dont just listen to what some dude on youtube told you

    • Abdul sadat Yahya

      what’s research based on…isn’t it people’s opinion and works….??? lol

  10. TheQAM85

    Ya’ll know the robbery video is staged, right?
    1:04 : The guys’ arm is clearly padded, like three times thicker than his other arm. The guy doesn’t even go for the gun, while his dog is chewing the robber to shreds. The last thing on a robbery victims’ mind would be getting the dog off the robber.
    Training your dog is still important, but that dog was clearly waiting to let loose on that guy.

    • TheQAM85

      missmoni1975 : Glad I could help!

    • The Wolverine

      TheQAM85 lol….we have a genius here….I could not have guessed that in ages😂😂

    • TheQAM85
      hes buff from shaking his protein shakes

    • 1 Trillion Views

      I saw the shop owner step over the gun to try to get the dog off the robber and i thought “wtf.” So i rewatched and noticed what was pointed out here; the robber’s arm was padded. So i figured it was just a video of a trained dog being tested…and he passed!

  11. Frugal Fishing Fundamentals

    It’s really the fault of the driver. So many options to injure and kill the threat with the vehicle. BTW, no lab or retriever is going to protect anything.

    • Orlando R. Browntown956

      Frugal Fishing Fundamentals I have a bluetick/lab and she is a fine guard dog !

    • That person 04

      Orlando R. Browntown956 has she ever attacked anyone or just barks??!?

    • Orlando R. Browntown956

      That person 04 she barks and attacks but hasn’t bitten anybody , once she launches at someone i call her back . But if in a situation for example i’m being threaten she’s aware and attacks on my command or if i’m screaming in fear or etc.

    • Jay Griffis

      My lab does the same thing. I don’t know 100% if she’d attack, but she has come close so I think she will.

    • Santiago Gallardo

      I have a lab and he is so protective and fights when an outsider dog/person enters My property. We live in a farm. Every big race of dog can be properly trained for defending. Only exceptions are small races like chihuahua, poodle, etc. Don’t make excuses mate

  12. First of all if you had a guard dog, it would;ve lost it’s life as soon as It stated attacking. These golden retrievers survived.

    • Chocolate Gelato

      Survived to have the family home broken another day.

    • Ana Jimenez

      Chocolate Gelato I agree with Clout on his comment.

    • Chocolate Gelato

      Ana Jimenez
      I agree, too.. Just differently.

    • ZeSandvich

      If they attacked the first guy, them and the owners would easily overwhelm him so the two other robbers won’t be able to get in. If they go for the gun arm like the dog in the other clip they will likely all be fine.

    • sherine

      That’s why you have a few, so they got each other’s back. And when they are busy kicking my dogs i will grab a bat, taser, and pepper spray to make them pay for hurting my dogs. Or maybe I’ll just make them pay by disfiguring their face with sodium hydroxide.

  13. Jason Dubya-DEEZNUTS

    Buy a gun and learn to use it. Don’t rely on a dog. Dogs are family, not weapons


      Kr Sourabh ohhhh boi

    • Jason Dubya-DEEZNUTS

      Anthony Wayne well, I hate humans.. fucking egotistical self righteous, violent, meddling parasites… you should kill yourself, you fucking troll. I’ll buy you the gun.

    • Jason Dubya-DEEZNUTS

      Anthony Wayne I’ll rape your mom

  14. Alpha Macho

    Get rid of those damn dogs

    • ROY 27

      Their nature makes them way more friendly dogs

    • Constancia Urbina

      Alpha Macho guess what… there not traind so they dont need to get rid of them they just need to train them

    • Dylan Madani Because it takes a lot of nerve and drive for a dog to be able to become a protection dog. If any household dog could become a “fucking beast”, why is it that pretty much only malinois and gsd is used by the police? And only some chosen few within that breed as well, those with the right temperament.

      Sure, every dog can be trained to a certain point as a protection dog cause the training is fun and games.
      But _a lot_ of those dogs won’t have the nerve to attack an actual threat when it isn’t all fun and games anymore. Which is completely normal and ok.
      Different breeds have different things they are successful at.

      And you might ask: why would anyone want a breed that wouldn’t protect you?
      If you see your dog as a family member and not a walking weapon that is easily replaced, you don’t want to put your dog in danger.
      This family lost their car, but had the dogs attacked there would’ve been a good chance of them getting shot.
      So if they would’ve had protection dogs they might still have their car.
      Or they might have their dogs dead on the driveway.
      Some people simply value their dogs’ safety too much to want them in that kind of situation.

  15. BootneckSA80A2

    The first dogs are not at fault. They appear to be golden retrievers which were bred to be biddable and soft mouthed. That’s exactly what they are. Whilst most dogs will take to bite work, only an idiot would get Golden Retrievers as guard/protection dogs and only an idiot would blame them for this friendly behaviour.
    Pointless video, the comparison should have been between a trained and untrained guarding breed dog.

    • Ukah Chiagoziem

      True I had a pure bred GSD when I was 10. I and my siblings who were even younger than me raised that dog to be a very friendly family couch potato. As a result she was scared of everything. Any random noise and she’s running into the house. The fact we named her Scooby didn’t help too.
      Breed doesn’t matter much as training does.

  16. Joeyblondewolf2

    That second dog was quick!!! Wish I was that fast lol

  17. Julia.

    I can recommend a dogo argentino a 100% real guard dog. Have a nice day

  18. Dhiraj Gawande

    Rip those pomerian and chiuahua owners

  19. Peanut Butter

    Why blame dog. If u a smarter human can repel this kind of things. U have a big house nice car nice gate. But you forget about the security.

  20. 10,000 Subscribers With No Videos?

    That’s a good boy!!

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