Time Lapse: Puppy to Adult in 40 seconds. Dunder photo a day. Year 1

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A photo a day of Dunder the German shepherd. 8 weeks old to 1 year in 40 seconds. It really does feel like he grew up this fast.

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  1. beautifulstranger

    lmao I just saw you on tv!

    • Nicolaas Beers

      +Chicken Duck Bandit of the North same here

    • Gaming Legend

      +Malik Faulk Omg Im literally the exact same 😮

    • I Might Be

      +TheDunderBoy 5 years later and I somehow stumbled upon this video from
      being curious on how a dog acts when left alone with go pro on back .. now
      I’m mindlessy watching a bunch of german shepard videos .. which is totally
      fine with me good content

    • beautifulstranger

      haha no problem :)))

    • TheDunderBoy

      +idioticgrinner101 thats so cool! I think the show was called “MY PETS GONE

  2. TheDunderBoy

    Find me on instagram/ TheDunderBoy :)


    its amazing how fast our pets grow 😭

  4. TheDunderBoy

    I’ve been getting a lot of views today. Can someone tell me where they
    found this video?



  6. Damien Galaviz

    I just want to know these people who disliked this video. What could they
    possibly be mad about.

    • slightlyoutofreach01

      Actually, I’ve found that most cat lovers either don’t mind dogs or don’t
      care either way.

      A lot of dog lovers I’ve seen, on the other hand, spend a lot of time
      talking about how much they dislike or don’t understand cats. So there’s

    • the music

    • Probably some cat lovers that can’t stand a dog in the internet.

  7. Luis Autufuga

    the song reminds me of monsters inc cx

  8. Bethany Long

    how in the hell can anyone dislike this video? people are so weird

  9. Doggo does a grow

  10. ToxicJay 222


    IT WAS 44

    • Juan Rojas

      EviePlayzGamezz Even then it’s only 36 seconds long. The time lapse starts
      at 0:04 and ends at 0:40. So he still lied to us.

    • EviePlayzGamezz

      Jacob Garner its was because of the intro..

  11. Gjoy Hughes

    That little party hat… So cute!

  12. Vincesanity

    wasnt this on ifunny?

  13. Rubble Paw Patrol TheConstructionPup

    I love Shepherds!

  14. wait that was only one year, wtf

  15. Tony Likes Bacon

    Who is watching this in 2016? Anyone

  16. Just Waari

    And that is why puppies eat so much. Just look at that speed of growth!

  17. marcelo foster

    I usually never comment, but this was too amazing for me lol

  18. A Lake of Mistake

    You have amazing taste in musicv

  19. Gavin Schriber

    hod fucking damit dunder you big ol lubabl goofball you grew up to fast

  20. Tracey Allen

    I always ask my husky mix when did he get big? Seriously it was over night.
    One day he was this goofy puppy that couldn’t even get onto the couch. Then
    the next day he was 32 inches at the shoulder. They grow so fast.

    • Bannana Nana

      Same with my Rhodesian ridgeback! It seems as if he just woke up big! But
      he is still my little goofball! (I also love huskies too!(

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