Tiny – Rottweiler Puppy – 2 Weeks Residential Dog Training

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Trained by Kati Sheerman – www.adolescentdogs.com

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  1. Lawrence Newman

    Wow, he’s gorgeous.

  2. Camila Diaz

    Nice video πŸ˜†

  3. George Chollakoff

    Great job, guys!

  4. Ethanz Plays Games


  5. Romen Kumar

    Dont fool us,2 weeks rott cant even walk like that

    • Jay Zimmet

      Romen Kumar they aren’t talking about the puppy being 2 weeks old, they are referring to the training being two weeks long.

    • Romen Kumar

      +Jay Zimmet my appologies

  6. Amandeep Kainth


  7. Aman Rajput

    Best video

  8. Arooj Rana


  9. uday shriwastav

    How was the Rottweiler breed for family without training and with training

  10. Sophia Arres

    Adorable rhotts2

  11. Rakesh Rakhi


  12. Janeen Lavergne


  13. Denise Mitchell

    sorry that’s not 2 weeks at all

  14. ravi kumar

    It’s near about 2 month, not 2 weeks

  15. huguette lemaire


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