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© Made by Charlotte & Kristian Septimius Krogh: and Want to contact us directly regarding use of this video please write to:
The small dog is a Yellow Labrador and the other a "Broholmer" – an old Danish breed. Apologies for the wrong breed description in the final credits.
Two dogs waiting patiently to get served in "restaurant", and in spite of waiting, never get anything to drink.
This video has had many positive comments – thanks to all of you. Some people though are worried for the dogs – were they forced and did they hurt themselves on the forks?
Firstly the dogs loved it – they are best friends and really like getting all the attention. We practiced with the cutlery in advance, and both dogs very quickly figured it out. Besides the "waitress" kept on talking to them and encouraging them. They are very well behaved, and know when to sit still, take it slow and wait. This video was shot in one take, no cuts or editing – and both dogs had a wonderful time..The hand coordination was not preplanned – since everything was up to the dogs – but we both intuitively acted on the feeling of the dogs movement, plus we could hear from the "waitresses" comments, what the dogs were doing.
Enjoy and don´t be worried – both dogs love it, and we love them..wonder how we did? see:

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  1. Drake Thompson

    imagine that you walked into a restaurant, but every person had a dog head

  2. murdock wormwood

    Obviously fake. It’s well known that the last human/dog hybrids died
    centuries ago.

  3. paul gavian

    this is art to me

  4. Terri Romero

    bad manners there chewing with there mouths open lol love it to cute

  5. Jae Freeman

    I remember when my dad showed me and my siblings this video.

  6. I smell markiplier

  7. SoLaR ALPHA

    If you look carefully, you can see that they are not really dog hands.

  8. MisterHardTruth

    Love how they have to keep pushing the dogs head up to stop it from just
    gorging on the plate.

  9. I dont know Anymore

    Cute cats

  10. Nelson Idr

    Planet Of The Dogs.

  11. OMG! Never knew dogs have hands!!!!

  12. Eric Stevenson

    Has anyone done this with cats?

  13. Dennis “Mongo” olsson

    Have some humor, people

  14. Is’t he a Broholmer?

  15. Olof “olofmeister” Kajbjer

    This video is awesome :3

  16. Aleph Bell


  17. JrVal Cortez

    How is that shirt even big inough for a dog and human

  18. Funny video, but it’s 5 minutes too long.

  19. Joshualacruz

    If you look closely at the clock in the background, you see it is a
    triangle. Illuminatie confirmed.
    Also the vid is fake.

  20. ginamarina101

    Seriously, 7,000 people disliked this?? Wtf?

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