‘Ultimate Dog Tease’ Video Becomes Viral Sensation (Episode 1) | Cute Animals | ABC News

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Amusing video of dog dubbed with voiceover is rated number one on YouTube.
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  1. DannyThePilotGaming

    If a dog could talk all they would say is:
    ‘Me wantz foodz’
    ‘Me needz to poop’
    And ‘ Me need to nap’

  2. Abdullkarim Mohammed Alhwaity

    I do not like the culture of the Crusaders and videos

  3. Victoria Bustamante

    lol!!!!!!! 2016. Still Hilarious!!!! lol!!!!!!

  4. Who is the youtuber who created this??

  5. Willy Ferrendelli

    i love dogs and this is the funnyist

  6. Dog Lover


  7. a video with 2 views is still going to have a counting number of views…
    unless the video is removed or banned of course

  8. Marcia Gravely

    bike rallies to show me this was so funny I liked it by little brother like
    that was just too funny

  9. Lily Alvarez


  10. Meme Machine

    I remember when everyone laughed at this video and now it’s the song
    sweatshirt where has time gone

  11. This is like my favorite childhood vidoe

  12. Les aventures de Rose la petite perruche


  13. Arthur Wouters

    Hey buddies .. example Anyone watch better than thiu onh D

  14. St Gonzalez

    Never gets old! That dog is such a cutie.

  15. Pauline Richter

    Listen ensure continent vcnkg retirement present portray call document.

  16. hugheyhughes1977

    So cute I wish that was talking dog with my other thee dogs

    • me

      because spamming emotes like a tard is fun

  17. Alreadyanoob

    The amount of people asking if the dog is talking, you guys are morons
    obviously it is…

  18. McCartney Giannoni

    one of my fav viddys 0 love love

  19. John appleton

    this is old school

  20. It would be so cool if animals could really talk, bet some would really
    cuss you out for teasing them like that Ha Ha

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