Vizsla puppy Tricks & Dog training 10 wks old

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We have been training our 10 week old vizsla puppy for the past 2 weeks, and she is learning fast! Here are all the tricks she knows so far.

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  1. Love the tuck sit. That will be helpful if you do obedience with her later

    • Blue the Red Vizsla

      +Tibbi S thanks. I had not actually ever heard of “tuck sit” before, so I guess I got lucky 🙂

  2. Seth SethG

    Thanks for the videos. Which treats are you rewarding him with?

  3. Aleksandar Čerčinović

    Do you have any videos showing the begining of the training. I’m getting my Vizsla in about three weeks and i’m searching for good guidlines.

    • Blue the Red Vizsla

      +Aleksandar Čerčinović Sorry, I don’t have videos, but I searched on youtube for basic training tips for commands like “sit”

  4. TheUkstang

    why do the damn Americans have to cut the Vizsla’s tails, not only does its look stupid it’s darn right cruel and unneccassary.

    • Glory Eriksen

      I agree, and I’m from the States. I hate cropping and docking. Where are you from?

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