Walking Two Dogs On Leash – Connor and Banoffee – Winston-Salem Dog Training

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Walking Two Dogs On A Leash – Connor and Banoffee – Dog Training Winston Salem NC

Winston-Salem Dog Training – .
The best way to walk two dogs on a leash at the same time is to work with each dog individually in the beginning. Once each dog knows what you expect and is walking well, begin walking the two together. I usually walk both dogs on one side so I can focus my attention on both of them. I allow them to align themselves naturally; but I do not allow them to switch positions while in the act of walking.

If you have any questions on walking your dog by himself or more than one dog at a time, please call me at 336-945-3232. You can also find me on Facebook at:

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  1. Jane Worden

    love the cat getting in on the action!

  2. Mahlyndah

    The best video for this problem I’ve seen so far.

  3. NegxPosxReal

    lol the cat just came outta nowhere 😀

  4. Yanira Kleinsasser

    Thank you!! VERY helpful!

  5. su shke

    Excellent. Thank you. Just what I needed.

  6. MaghoxFr

    Best accent ever. LOL the cat!

  7. Eva Rhymes

    that cat is lol sooo funny

  8. Caribbean Chris

    Great vid! impressive control, thanks for the lesson!

  9. Terri Morgeson

    The cat is the BEST part of the video! 💗💗

  10. chantel payne

    what would be a good lead for like a golden retriever or labrador any medium sized dog

  11. seriously so today two big dogs were chasing me I RAN FASTER THAN THEM O.O omg i didnt know what to do so i start running D:

  12. great help and I love the crazy cat 😀

  13. CRUX Delgado

    Great video, I’ll be trying this technique out with my two mid sized dogs. If I can get this down the next feat is going for a run! Yikes!

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