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A welcome message for visitors to the Simpawtico Dog Training YouTube channel! Created to help spread knowledge and sound training ideas, this channel features regular updates to help you manage, motivate, and learn about our beloved canine family members.

Welcome to our channel, and visit us at !

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  1. Claire Jordan

    Absolutely Fantastic Channel! Thank you much!

  2. Lucas Brasil

    Amazing videos!
    Thanks a lot for this channel. =-)
    Cheers from Brazil!

  3. Chrys Perez

    I’m so obsessed with this channel! what’s the difference between isolation distress and separation anxiety?

    • Simpawtico Dog Training

      Hi Chrys! I’m so glad you like it!

      So here in a nutshell: isolation distress and separation anxiety exist on the same scale. Separation anxiety is at the extreme, and describes a severe emotional response to being separated from a person or persons. In this case, dogs can be self-destructive (e.g. injuring themselves to get out of crates or breaking windows to follow their owner, etc) and exhibit significant emotional upheaval. These cases often involve a combined effort using behavior modification, nutrition management, focused exercise and stimulation, and even pharmacological intervention (drug therapy). In contrast, most isolation distress is merely just a “velcro dog” that doesn’t like being alone. It’s not necessarily connected to any one person or group. In these cases another dog or companion animal can fix the problem. A pet sitter or day care may be an option, or even just giving the dog some things to do while they’re alone (like Kong training) can mostly fix it. None of these things would even touch serious Separation Anxiety. And then of course, there are those cases that fall somewhere in the middle. I always make the distinction though because people call me saying their dog has “Separation anxiety” when mainly it’s just a social dog that’s bored as hell when it’s at home. Easy fix. Hope this helps!

  4. Jessie Funk

    Thank you sooooooo much! I just got a puppy and your videos are so helpful!

  5. Jenn Hanson

    Thank you so much for this channel. Your videos are so well made and straightforward. My 3-month old puppy is whip smart and has been doing well in the three weeks we have been together, but I haven’t felt like I’m training him the right way. I’m very excited to use your techniques here in Phoenix, AZ!

    • Simpawtico Dog Training

      Awesome! Thanks, Jenn. I’m glad it’s helpful to you! Man, I moved here from Phoenix, AZ. Can’t say I miss the heat, haha!

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