What my beagle does when are not home. Beagle gets into hot oven .

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Lucy gets into a 325 degree oven to retrieve some chicken nuggets. Hilarious

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  1. Rodd Scheinerman

    Lucy is always getting into trouble, Everyday when we got home the chair is
    moved and little foot prints are on the counter. Sometimes food would be
    missing.I always wondered how she moved the chair. A few weeks before we
    had company over . I had made a filet roast. We were in the other room. I
    was looking at my friend his jaw was wide open. He says dude your dog is in
    the oven. I ran into the kitchen. .Lucy was on the large oven door ,
    chowing down on our dinner. So a few weeks later I was cleaning out the
    freezer found some old chicken nuggets. I had decided to set up Lucy.I set
    up the camera on a tripod pointing at the small toaster oven.Put the
    chicken nuggets in the oven turned the oven on for 12 minutes and left for
    the grocery store. 40 minutes later , I came home with pan on the floor .
    Gotcha !!!!! 

    • VancouverCanucksRock

      So you needed to turn it on to do this? How do stupid fucks seem to be
      better off than me? Hahahahahaha all I can do is laugh

    • Breanna Siner

      she’s/he’s a really smart do

    • Steve Freeman

      +Cooper cooper Beagles are ALWAYS ready to eat. And they’ll eat anything
      that’s even remotely edible, regardless of whether or not it tastes good.
      You actually need to watch what they eat carefully, because they’ll happily
      eat themselves to death.

    • Rodd Scheinerman

      +Cooper cooper she barks every morning at 5 am until I feed her

    • cooper cooper

      +Rodd Scheinerman do you not feed them?

  2. dog was smart enough to do that, owner was dumb enough to leave the oven on
    then leave the house.

    • Makis Makiavelis

      +aintnobodygottimefadat Illiterate teenage boys use this word because they
      can’t spell “wrecked” correctly.

    • Alluring Bliss

      +Rodd Scheinerman You take the time to reply to idiots, you must be really

  3. Slimebeast Pug

    I’m a dog owner since 15 years (although of pugs lol) but I didn’t know a
    dog could have that planning ahead, multi-step type of intelligence.

    • Slimebeast Pug

      Do you notice that your old dog has become dumber and more single minded?

    • That said I am reminded about my old dog now, as they get older they seem
      like they are getting dumber but actually just more single minded, thanks
      for reminding me with this video.

    • Beagles are great leaders they are determined hunters that is why the
      shelters are filled with them, they escape to follow their nose and lose
      out living with great owners. That said the owner has to out smart their
      pouch, beagles need to be dog-sat or crated.

    • Xavier Chavarría

      dogs are very smart

  4. Smart dog!! Mine won’t even touch his food if he feels any warmth

  5. You can see the wheels in her head turning. She’s one smart dog. You should
    be proud to be her owner.

  6. heffyfatman123

    If it was hot why were you not home as the title suggests?Accident waiting
    to happen

    • Rodd Scheinerman

      It was on you can hear the timer go off it was set for 12 minutes just
      enough to cook them so was probably off when I was pulling out of the

    • heffyfatman123

      +Rodd Scheinerman Ok, so it wasn’t really on then or was it just residual

    • Rodd Scheinerman

      It’s a toaster oven and I was only gone for 45 minutes . I wanted to see
      what she would do.

  7. anastasia10017

    omg soooo smart !!!!

  8. M.J. Luckett

    I’m always hearing how pigs are smarter than dogs.
    After this, I’m Really gonna have to call B.S. on that one.

  9. Darre munde

    this is funny

  10. Serge Herbiet

    It’s a trained dog: 12,002,559 visits = $ 12,000 profit! … it’s a good
    Let’s not be idiots!

  11. Xtreme 565

    I watched this at school today😂

  12. C H A N N E L


  13. the noises when the dog eats XDD

  14. Day The Lucario

    why did junkinmedia fucking copyright this?
    its not there video

  15. Kazen Ong


  16. voodoowood

    hahahahahahahaha lol

  17. Morse Jean

    That’s a bit clever!

  18. queentuls1

    I don’t find this funny. Even with brand new appliances it’s dumb to leave
    them on/running with no one is at home.

  19. Willie C.

    They think.

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