What my dog does when I leave.

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So, my buddy got a GoPro. We decided to put it on my dog to see what he does when we leave. This is an edited version of what followed.

Shot by Aaron
Edit by Mike

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  1. betty boo

    poor dog it make me cry

  2. Max Watson

    Looks like he gets separation anxiety. You should try leaving the tv or a
    radio on when you leave.

  3. Roccaleta

    Please upload a video when you come home!

  4. SoulsHunter

    damn, we needed a happy ending for this video, do not leave us like this !
    im acting sad just like ur dog now T_T

  5. Latrell Jennings TV (LJ)

    I did not just see a illuminati sign on the roof…

  6. DealerCamel

    Be right back, just gonna go find a dog to hug.

  7. Comic Trips

    Taking. Dogs. Everywhere. Forever.

  8. OddRevelation

    This is why it’s better to keep 2 dogs. They’re extremely social, to be a
    single dog alone is scary for them.

    • Erik Rakovský

      my dog is OK with cats, rabbits, guinea pigs and hedgehogs also 🙂 (a
      friend of mine has 2 guinea pig-frendly TERRIERS, what is almost

  9. Honey Dubey

    Awww dogs should be allowed to go to work with you 🤔

  10. Roger Lagosse

    Awwww, no wonder dogs go nuts when you get back. They’re devestated that
    they can’t go with you, that was such a pitiful howl of forsaken despair!

  11. The XXI Edits

    The more I think of getting a German Shepherd, and it’s been years I
    thought about it, the more I think I need to be free all the time, have a
    big garden, and make sure he has human presence everytime he’s awake. Can’t
    imagine being at least 6 hours outside for work with him not having someone
    or some good caring activity to be with.

    • Erik Rakovský

      so you need 2 dogs 😛

    • A good neighbor or an old couple across the street would be an excellent
      environment for a dog, just make sure he/she stays with a trustworthy

    • Troublesome2008

      Yeah, I really want a dog, but I live in a small apartment and I work 8
      hours a day. By the time I stop working those hours I’ll be 70…

  12. ChaoticMatters

    I feel like my dog just sleeps when no one is home. My cat on the other
    hand just sits and waits for me

  13. 1acroyear1

    Aw, poor little guy.
    Least you could do is get him a nice toy to play with.

  14. 1:58 look at the ceiling ILLUMINATI CONFIRMED.!!!!!

  15. Simple Blue Life

    🙁 this is sad at least turn on a radio or something for that dang dog D:

  16. Novi Derum

    That broke my heart

  17. Emily Boswell

    This is why it’s always good to have at least two dogs, the dog clearly has
    separation anxiety. if you can, save a dog by adopting, and get your little
    bud a Companion for when you’re away. :)

  18. xQueen Ovi

    What kind of dog is it?

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