When the dog’s owner died, he was left behind. Watch what happens next! Please share

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Click HERE to Get the Best Products for Your Canine Family Member

To adopt Woody or to make a small donation, please contact Hope For Paws:
If you are blocked from watching the video, please visit:

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  1. hello world!

    Great so I’m supposed to be doing homework but now I’m sobbing.

  2. RosieBeeGaming

    literally my room is a freaking pool😭😭😭. i mean, who would leave that
    cutie? like, i would have tooken care of that dog until i found it a nice
    home😊😊😊. 🏡👪

    • ΜoudourisGreek :D

      +Rebecca Dolan Wait what?I dont get it

    • Kaleb Bright

      RosieBeeGaming read the thumbnail it says that the owner passed away

    • Rebecca Dolan

      ΜoudourisGreek 😀 you know when you call other people stupid you’re
      supposed to be the smart one

    • Luna The Fairy

      RosieBee Gaming If they pass away then?

    • ΜoudourisGreek :D

      +brendan Danley So the animals that they die in factories don’t deserve to
      live?Cats and other “pets” must live?Go open some books and learn about
      nature kid

  3. Read more

    I just sent my birthday money and all my savings of $213.73 to them.

    • Unknown Gamer

      Audra Clementine so nice from u

    • The Wolf Killer

      Audra Clementine aww that is a most sweetest thing you have ever done to
      that dog and I would do the same but it would take a very long time but
      that is so generous of you I bet they appreciated it very much

    • Jayden Em

      You must be a VERY VERY nice person.That probably was a long time to save
      up. I hope you have a lucky time.👍

    • Drumlinegypsy247

      that’s very generous and selfless of you 🙂 (not selfish….selfless. the

  4. Dramatic11

    He looks like my old dog who passed away. This had me in tears.

  5. how do people do this to innocent animals

  6. Ni Ni Pretty

    The sad part is how loyal this dog is😓 he stayed there and waited and
    waited for the owner!😰
    Now I want another dog! I love dogs

  7. Daisy Games

    I Wanna Work With Them To Save Dogs

  8. tt tt youtube freak

    I’m crying 😭😭😭 like this comment if u are to

    just think what if the dog wasn’t found we need to help them no mater what
    be pereperd

  9. Marivel Urena

    Poor dog it’s also blind

  10. Michele Caravella

    All most of they’re videos got 1k dislikes, it’s probably the same ppl, and
    for the I just want to tell them that they shut burn in hell. People are
    trying to be good and help poor dogs and your not going to help them!😠

    • Irenia Galao

      Michele Caravella Hey hey hey don’t be mad at me or anyone else even though
      you might hate me for this dogs are kinda similar to the homeless people,.

    • i tell myself they dont understand how it works,and they press dislike
      thinking it means i dislike the people that sold the house and couldnt
      spend a few bucks on the relatives dog,what ever gets you through,i
      guess,yer im fooling myself,but i dont like the alternative

    • IronLizard 380

      Kat the wolf/Toy Bonnie I think you should

    • Kat the wolf/Toy Bonnie

      +nietzsche bob its hard to believe though.. I mean its just a dog.. sure it
      needs help and some people ignored it. or they couldn’t help the dog at all
      because of real life problems like allergies. Or maybe they didn’t see the
      dog. Doesn’t mean they should go to hell.

  11. Mahdy Matin

    People like woodys old family make me sick, why would they just abandon him
    and try to let him just die?!😭

  12. Johnnie Silfies

    Why did the neighbors just give him food and water and not help him? If i
    saw he was nice i would have gave him a place to stay till i could find him
    a loving home poor baby

  13. Michael Blackwell

    This reminds me why I will fight to the death for my little buddy sammie
    (beagle) to make sure she has a roof over her head. She is spoiled with
    love from me, my wife and the whole family. If someone shows a dislike
    towards our dog, then it’s best they avoid coming over to the house, end of
    story. I’m a 288 pound 6 ft tall hairy man and I was welling up with tears.
    Those neighbors need to be commended for giving that dog some food.

    • I’m glad to see you recognize the contribution of the people who didn’t
      rescue the dog.
      There are comments on some of these videos stating why didn’t the neighbors
      or the business owners or the whatever do something for this dog?
      The answer is in a lot of cases they’ve been feeding the dog and how do you
      think these rescuers even came to be there, it’s because someone called
      In one of his videos he had to go down into a flood control channel, the
      kind with the vertical walls.
      A large group of people came out of nowhere and were helping him get the
      dog out of the channel, trucks, ropes, ladders, manpower you name it they
      were all willing to help.

      Take care.

  14. Really sad. Reminds me of my Toy Poodle that was born with diabetes and
    went blind in both eyes, her eyes went foggy, just liked Woodys’. She
    passed away 3 months ago due to internal bleeding from diabetes. Everyone
    please make sure you look after your pets. They are amazing animals and
    deserve incredible lives.

    • Pugs 4 Life

      Risq sorry for your dog😭

    • Denise Powell

      Risq sorry for your loss.

    • Mikeyla Harmony

      Risq I’m so sorry. My hamster just got a foggy eye and we know the vets
      can’t do anything because he won’t survive an operation. It’ll get better
      tho, I promise ❤️ you just gotta stay strong, I believe in you

  15. Lps Bruhh

    I would of helped him

  16. Anna Cantrell

    please tell me the song, and this made me cry…..

  17. Rhythm Iyer

    1k dislikes ?
    what’s happening to the world?

  18. arcapella msp

    Love this comment if u cried

  19. Julia Naveira

    I can’t understand how they sold the house and left him there… Dogs are
    really loyal, if they tjink you will come back, they will wait for you all
    the needed time

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