Which Vet is the Best Dog Trainer?

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Drs. Blue and Ross go head-to-head to see which of their pups is top dog.

Saturday 10/9c
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  1. BeckyWithTheGoodHair

    I love men who love animals! That’s a really good trait..ladies!❤👍

  2. Karen Garcia

    What breed si india?

  3. Kar Perez

    He adopted last video’s rottie!!! <3 <3 <3

  4. fhs2013cb

    The Rottweiler vs the Bull Mastiff ❤️❤️

  5. Trap Lord


  6. BeckyWithTheGoodHair

    Elsa is adorable..she’s still a young puppy! Awwwwww❤❤🐶

  7. Imani Kibo

    wow its cute

  8. Mussarat Jawaid

    dope i just wanted to say hi

  9. Sso_Mia Loudcake

    I think India did better at sit and lay

  10. Erica Law

    They are so funny lol


    best loyal dog rottys 💯💖

  12. sunshine jamaa

    hahaha i loved it when he said ” india! get him get him! ” hahaha but i like elsa and india 😃

  13. Fahad Alswailem

    N.8 comment

  14. Vanessa Valley


  15. Christian Marquez


  16. Is Elsa Dr. Ross’s dog?

  17. Hershey Valles

    Elsa is so cute

  18. Technical T-Rex


  19. Jay Shurey


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