Will Ferrell’s Amazing Canine Obstacle Course Demo – CONAN on TBS

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Will Ferrell demonstrates his true passion: training and fostering wild dogs.

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  1. student of AJ Miller who is in pic

    poor pooches, scared by will’s “joke” screaming at them. kind of hard to watch.

    • student of AJ Miller who is in pic

      +Alphys Carbuccia hi alfalfa kombucha dear time to take your meds now.

    • student of AJ Miller who is in pic

      +Alphys Carbuccia hi alfalfa kombucha dear time to take your meds now.

    • Chriscftb97

      +Alphys Carbuccia They do actually look quite terrified

    • student of AJ Miller who is in pic 😂😂😂😂😂

  2. monotonous

    first i thought he really knows how to do it, lol love will ferrell

  3. ChrisBstation

    I feel like a lot of people didn’t get that this was a joke… which terrifies me that there are so many stupid people in the world.

    • Jeff Ho

      antonela bakavic me too.Turn out he ( cris….) is the joke, Ha ha. I really hate those kind of guy who say something that usually a smart guy say just to pretend they are smart too. but they say it in a wrong condition.

    • antonela bakavic

      Jeff Ho exactly. I don’t like people who state something what is so obvious, but they think they are the only one smart who figured it out. In my country we call those kind of people Christopher Kolombo as they think that they discovered “America” hahaha. This guy said how he was terrified how many stupid people are out there and he bragged how he was the only one who knew it was a joke. we all knew it. You don’t need to be Einstein to know it. at the end he was was looking like a fool. I don’t want to be rude and say he is stupid but his comment definitely was.

    • Lava Sharknado

      You do realize that they make rehearsals of the whole show and have cut tons of skits before right? If Conan didn’t like this joke then he wouldn’t have done it.
      Also you two should get a room.

    • Wis Dom

      They voted for Trump, so…..

  4. Prometheusmfd

    I knew exactly what was going to happen at the start of the video and I was still rolling with laughter by the end.

  5. Ty Guy

    first i saw will ferrell and thought: joke
    then he started talking about it and wheeled out the course and i thought: wow maybe not

    theeeennnn i saw the tight rope and remembered what show i was watching…

    • b24harman

      +Ty Guy If you saw Ferrell and for one instance thought seriousness, you’re an idiot.

    • Sig Bausage

      +b24harman If you laughed during the talk, thinking “this is funny”, “best joke ever” etc – then you’re rather stupid.

    • Ty Guy

      +Denny McDowell64 i have not tried that site, but thank you. it is now in my browser blacklist

    • Ty Guy

      +Kathy Gilbert I visited this link and now my penis is stuck in the disk tray of my PC… please do not click this link if you value your disk tray… or like… your penis or whatever

    • Mark L

      Do not fight and do not be rude.

  6. As soon as I saw how serious Will seemed about the obstacle training and the demonstration he had, I knew he was joking. That man is never serious, not even for the slightest moment in his life. 

    • MsWolverine99

      I am not a huge fan of his, but I love how completely serious he always seems in situations like this.
      Plus-side for him: if he ever really tries to do something like this and fails (who knows, maybe that was that one time :D), everybody will assume it’s a joke, so he really never has any reason to get embarrassed.
      On the other hand, nobody might ever take him serious, even when he is.

  7. jonavuka

    would have been ironic if the dogs started doing the course

    • Nico las

      *would have been ironic if the last dog that wandered back on started doing the course

    • No it would’ve been a miracle

    • Michael Stanton

      +Noah Caboose if you take into account that the point of the skit is that he made look like they were supposed to do it but they didnt

    • Noah Hurley-Abelew

      Irony isn’t when something happens as described, generally.

    • Rebecca Hicks

      That white dog was really trying.

  8. Jenna Ramos

    Wow I really thought it was seriously gunna happen XD should have known better lol

  9. Jose Villegas

    I thought Will Ferrell was serious for once haha.

    • Colt 45 zag

      Jose Villegas WHO LET THE DOGS OUT!! Will let the dogs out! haha😂😁

    • IAmLegend561

      Jose Villegas That’s how great he is at his job. He can be so serious but yet we know he’s joking but he makes us believe what he is saying lol.

    • Ghost Guru

      lmao I honestly thought for a second he was gonna pull this of 😂😂

    • cecilia teo

      Jose Villegas u must b high to think that hahahahaha

    • Oliver North

      wow, jose is incredibly stupid

  10. saral lama

    Can’t stop laughing

  11. Soulfiree88

    Aww that poor white dog was so scared lol 🙁 lol just wanted to run away from will

  12. Mountain Jew

    I first read the title as “Will Ferrell’s Amazing *Cocaine* Obstacle Course…”
    Now wouldn’t that be interesting?

  13. OtaconAlonsus

    the ‘you just stood there’ bit was funny and I think it caught Conan offguard!

  14. Devilya85

    2:50 lol was that teeter totter nailed to the floor, what if some dog started to climb that thing.

  15. HeyIt'sBaert

    Pepino? hahaha. That’s a hilarious name for a dog. (It means cucumber is Spanish)

  16. maryjhanep

    will ferrell is a tall guy but conan still makes him look short. woah

  17. Toby Cai

    Biggest troll on the planet, Will Ferrell.

  18. Winchester2247

    Serious will Ferrell is hilarious

  19. IAmThe OtherGuy

    I actually belived him until he said “across the tight rope”

  20. John Polishimpossible2say

    Like always, Andys always looking out for the dogs. At the end you can hear him in the background, “here, puppy”.

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