You Shall Not Pass, Dog

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Sweet dogs terrified of walking past cats: a dramatic compilation.

Source: HuffPost Comedy

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  1. Sophie Sykes

    weren’t cats classed as gods in ancient times ?

    • Skyler Drabing

      nearly every animal important to any civilization has been characterized as
      a diety

    • My beautiful and amazing mistress

      haytham ayoub Lioness isn’t the Queen of animals, Tiger is bigger and
      stronger and wins every time in 1 versus 1 fight, plus even in their own
      habitat they aren’t kings, there are numerous animals they don’t dare to
      mess with like hippos (true kings of African animals) and elephants!
      The point here however is that people are saying cats are better than dogs
      and that dogs are afraid of them, which couldn’t be more wrong… In
      reality neither is better or worse than the other, they’re different and
      have their own strengths and weaknesses

    • haytham ayoub

      My beautiful and amazing mistress lol …. how about a big cat 🙂 that way
      the comparison would be fair , a big cat will snap your dog’s neck in
      seconds … come on , no wonder the king of animals is a lion .. stop being

    • My beautiful and amazing mistress

      Tiffany Days A dog will tear apart your precious cat any day, plus digs are
      loyal, disciplined and actually empathetic towards humans, a much superior
      companion than a cat. Yeah it’s easy being “the boss” when the cat can
      bully and hurt the dog with its claws without repercussions with the
      owners, if I the dog bites or attacks the cat they’ll be abandoned ordered
      euthanized if they get to kill the cat, these dogs aren’t fighting back
      because the owners are there watching, and they know if they hurt the cats
      they’ll be in serious trouble. But take a stray dog and street cats, see
      who’s really the boss when there are no humans around.

    • Kjetil Berg

      Sophie Sykes in ancient times there were many things classified as holy and
      back then in egyptian times they had a lot of gods portrayed as animals,
      Anubis the god of death who was a dog, Ra god of the sun who was a bird and
      sekhmet or bastet who was a cat and lioness god of dance, fire and more.
      People liked worshipping animals back in the day.

  2. Ellen Ferris

    Cats are loyal, loving, kind and sweet. Yes, some cats aren’t, but dogs are
    the same way. They have personalities. They are all different. I had Two
    very loving cats but one of them recently died. It’s so wrong to hate an
    animal so much. If you hate cats, then you are a horrible person. It’s just
    so mean and wrong. I can understand if you prefer dogs better, but to say
    “cats are mean” or “dogs are better than cats” or even “cats are mean and
    awful.” is just so cruel and terrible. More cats are abandoned on the
    streets than dogs. There is so many cats out there that deserve loving
    caring homes. So maybe consider giving cats a chance instead of hating on
    them. The fact that I actually have to say all this concerns me.

    • Kelsey Gordon (TheHighlandCowGoesMoo)

      I adopted a sweet and loving cat two days ago. He and my dog are buddies.

    • Ellen Ferris


    • Ellen Ferris

      Bier wet clearly yeah, and it also shows you that cats are mean. Which is
      not true. you have no idea what your talking about. I had a cat (I have
      another cat now) and he was the sweetest cat ever. He never hurt me. EVER.
      He DID care about me. I took a trip to Texas and he was extremely worried
      about me. Stop being an idiot and STOP stereotyping cats. They have
      personalities just like dogs do. Dogs aren’t some “angels from heaven”. I
      hardly know any nice dogs. Cats can be nice too, y’know. You need to stop
      watching these videos. They only show cats when they are aggressive. You
      deserve to be scratched if you say you hate an animal. They are living

    • Tri Reina

      Popcrazy215 .

    • Ellen Ferris

      Well, we (as in my family) thought it was because of a sudden heart attack
      (it is actually very common in cats to have that), but I could be wrong. If
      it wasn’t or if he was hurt he would have come to us for help. So I think
      it was a heart attack.

  3. Frik Na luzie

    Those dogs are spineless wimps. Your ancestors were wolves! Shame on you,

  4. “I’m not going to come up there and get you. You gotta learn to walk past
    the cat.”
    *throws head back* “nooooooo!” 😩😩😩😂😂😂😂

  5. Pixel Pro Gaming

    XD it’s just a cat dude

  6. RubiMercuri

    last one cheated 😂

  7. John Galt

    These dogs have all felt the “claw” at some point.

  8. BlackDeviouseRose

    wish the comments were disabled on these types of videos 🙁 literally all
    you can see are people calling cats assholes and starting fights with each
    other. i need to get out of the habit of automatically scrolling down…

    • BlackDeviouseRose

      it would be better if they weren’t fighting at all, which is something that
      I understand is impossible. When it reaches the point that some people are
      saying that this animal deserves to die or be hurt because of how they act
      then I start to get upset. it may just be a video, but I’m sure there are
      some impressionable minds in the comments that are going to look at this
      and think ‘oh, it’s okay if I hurt this animal because nobody likes them!’
      and proceed to do so. i think that no matter the subject or the
      ‘importance’ of it, it isn’t right for people to be saying such things.

    • Melon Lord

      Isn’t it kinda better that more people are fighting over pets rather than,
      say, ethnicities? Somethings humans LOVE to do?

  9. Partys Over

    bark softly but carry a big stick


    where the hell are these cats from?


      +Peli Mix the cats in my neighborhood be hugged up with these dogs and I
      never understood that.

    • The Fresh Kitty of Bel-Air

      this is just standard animal behavior my friend

  11. Cats can be fucking nasty ;)

  12. Selene Raven

    Dogs know their place…well below cats. Cats reign.

  13. Ben Barba

    No way would my dog be scared lol. When he tries to walk past our cat he
    does not hesitate and she is pretty mean I must say. He’s a dogo argentino
    by the way

    • Maybe because you have “introduced” the cat to the dog. Dog and cats are
      two different species, so their signals are completely different.
      The reason the cats just sit there like in the video si to show dominance,
      adn teh reason the dog is so frightened is because it nows that the cat has
      good aim, and aims for the nose and eye with sharp claws.

  14. Randi Dash

    Haha, poor pups!!! Cat claws are no joke!

  15. Dexter Morgan

    Cats are such assholes, I was hoping one of those dogs would tear them to
    shreds so bad. That’s what my dog would do!!

  16. Asterix Obelix

    Cats are like Mobsters – you gotta a pay a toll dog, before you cross or
    get ready to be slapped – lol

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