You won’t believe this Belgian Malinois after Online Dog Training Course!

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We know Mals can be a handful. This 9-month old Belgian Malinois adopted by married couple in Virginia. The dog destroyed things in their home including clothes, remotes, a wallet and even a $20 bill! It's no wonder they started searching for dog training videos and courses! Luckily, they found us eventually (after seeing Sam's video) and with our Interactive program, we worked with them through their training. It was a complete success and they were so convinced with our proven method of training dogs, that they shipped Roxy to us for further training (we have another video of Roxy when we first got her). This amazing video shows the final results of an amazing dog and the fantastic job that two strangers (now friends) accomplished through our online dog training program. We can't wait for more success stories like this in 2017!

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  1. Sitki Jahja

    best dogs ever .

  2. martin jessen

    Basicly the dog made you better dog owners! its a working dog and it takes a lot of activity and its not for everyone! beautiful dog Though

  3. ak99515ak

    Are BM supposed to be that skinny

    • Roxanne Sterling-Falkenstein

      In perfect health, dogs should not be fat!

    • Jason Hakala

      How many heavy athletes do you see?

    • StrikeForce K9

      ak99515ak – That’s the perfect weight for a Malinois. When we head into IPO trials, ours are even seen slightly leaner than this one.

      You have to remember: the more weight on the dog (be it muscle OR fat) the harsher it is for the dog’s joints, tendons, and cartilage when it lands from jumps, when it fights hard on bites, and the general wear and tear on the dog overall just doing normal things like running, tugging, and playing.

      So, in short, you DO want your Mals and other athletic breeds looking like this. It’s a common misconception in the pet world that your dog should be “thick” or “bulging” with muscle. In reality, you want EVERY breed to be in the following shape:

      1- you want them to have the minimal fat content as possible on their body, but just enough to be able to feel their rear 2 or 3 ribs easily, but without being able to see the ribs (with the exception of a few certain breeds where that’s normal).

      2- you want a noticeable uptuck in their rear stomach area, to where it tucks a little upwards info relation to the level their chest is on. Meaning: you don’t want their stomach to be completely level and inline with their stomach.

      3- you want to feed your dog ONLY what their body will consume energy-wise in a day, +20% extra for growth, waste, and reserves. If you notice the dog getting a little heavy, then cut back food or feed a lower fat/protein mixture. If you notice the dog leaning out to where you can easily see all their ribs starting to show through a little, then start to feed higher fat/protein mixture or more food.

      Follow those 3 rules and your dog will always be at the healthiest and most optimal weight possible, regardless of what others tell you or if they try to shame you with their opinions into feeding more.

    • Kamryn Morin

      ak99515ak yes well my Belgian malinois is you can even see his ribs he eats this special meat he can only eat that

  4. Barry engle

    rescued a Mal untrained 10 months ago. He learns super fast, is very loving, protective loyal and really smart the best dog ever

  5. lol by the way…its not the program..its this amazingly smart breed of a dog that across the world stuns people with its abilities and smartness!

  6. So nice to see a well trained BM…with out a shock collar.

    • TheSubieFan

      Dani A ? Ok

    • TheSubieFan

      zbudda the same trainer trains BM with e collars. What you don’t realise is that some e collars don’t have to hurt at all they can just be a feeling.

    • TurkeyBurglar Jones

      TheSubieFan if a shock collar wasn’t aversive in some way it would be useless. Use them if you want but don’t downplay what you’re doing. Don’t lie to yourself.

    • Hailey Jarmon

      The trainer starts the dogs on e collars. Just goes to show that e collars are amazing and that they can be transitioned off of.

    • Kamryn Morin

      zbudda my dog doesn’t need one and he doesn’t need a leash

  7. Sick Rick


  8. Ismail Muhammad


  9. Belgian malinois dogs don’t usually make good pets. They need training and work.

  10. Miami Malinois

    Nice dog

  11. martian144

    These people have no respect letting the dog lick the water fountain i hope they lose their dog and it goes to someone who isn’t an inconsiderate wanker, or the owners get put down instead.

  12. Shubham Anant

    Why would you let her drink from a water fountain. Thats groce.
    Think for other people who will use it.

    • Karrel Estell

      Dogs have cleaner mouths than humans so…

    • Kamryn Morin

      Karrel Estell Actually they don’t bc they can lick random stuff like their barf and we have a tooth brush but and anyways humans don’t put their mouths on that silver part

    • Robert Boreaux

      …..thats where the water comes out….

  13. belle vidéo , bravo

  14. Idiots

  15. habib amini

    this dog is not a Belgian malinoes its a Belgian shepherd

    • Hailey Jarmon

      habib amini malinois* and yes it is. The belgian shepherd has long fur and has black fur. Malinois have short brown fur with a black mask.

    • Thibault Deleu

      Well in fact the Malinois IS a Belgian Shepherd. The Belgian Shepherd family has different “races”. The Malinois, Tervueren ( same color as Malinois but with long fur ) , the Groenendael ( Black with long fur ) and the Laekenois ( curly fur ) . All of these are varieties of “Belgian Shepherds”.


    The dog was licking a water fountain spout where people will drink from 😱😳😷🤧🤭

    • Yosiah Israel

      BLAIR STONE craaaaaaaazy huh???

    • Kamryn Morin

      BLAIR STONE the people don’t put their mouths on the metal dah think again and my dog did it so ya

  17. guy i trained these dogs on paramilitary levels since 1980, when nobody knew of the breed. you should still keep her leashed. their are laws for a reason. all my dogs are off leash trained but i dont do it on the street for respect to other people that are scared to death of dogs , why i don,t know but thats the way it is. and you and your partner got to be in one level both treating the dog the same.


      gunny i Hate These type of people. They Will mostly answer with: yeah but my dog… Not all dogs are social with other dogs

  18. it is so bad that this dog wasn’t trained. i tell you getting a book on basic training would have taught you and your dog at least , house breaking in 1 to 2 days for these dogs at the most. i learned in 1980 as an a apprentice in a belgian malinois club in Coney Island NY. it is good you got a female. males seem to have a lot mor energy that needs to be channeled. i am glad you are enjoying a well trained dog. i am glad you guys are the owners and it didn’t go into the wrong hands. these dogs are so smart and can learn anything. the first large dog i had in mid seventies(german shepard and i went for a trainer and they were awful , everything was based on hard core over correcting and they literally ruined my dog . he died from bloat b/c of his huge chest and bloat is something most dogs die from. he died on the operating table. i found Antwerp in Coney Island that let people watch them do their work with only Malinois. i fell in love with the whole thing and at 20 yoa they let me do unpaid work for them and in exchange i learned real training and became even better than some of the trainers already working. it took years to develope that positive reinforcement was key.

  19. Jas HanWilson

    I was great with the dog but c’mon, that’s a Public Water fountain for everyone.

    • la liga

      allah snackbar true

    • Fabio Müller

      I won’t any issue drinking after the dog but sometimes I got issues with some smelling and nasty look people.

  20. IIArmanix

    To everyone saying that she is skinny Belgian mals are not supposed to be big they’re a working breed, you will get some on the stockier side but she is in perfect health. And they are supposed to be fast and agile if you had a I don’t know let’s just say a Belgian mal but it was bred with a big dog such as a Great Dane it wouldn’t really be the best decision as they would be bigger and not as fast. Sorry just wanted to clear that up xD

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