Rescue at 122 degrees took two days to accomplish! 🥵

Mama Bear is a super-smart mom… she was not going to make it easy for me to save her and her family! She was hoping I would give up and go home, but here at #HopeForPaws we never give up!
Every minute we don’t have to spend on fundraising for these animals is a minute we’re out there, saving lives. If you can, please join us with a small recurring donation here: – Just $5 from every viewer would help us save so many more animals!

The real hero of this story is Buzz. This kind homeless man lives under this bridge for 6 years now, and when Mama Bear showed up, he invited her to join his little family with his dog Papa Bear. He even allowed her to give birth inside his tent so the puppies won’t lay in the dirt.

We gave Buzz some money so he can continue taking care of Papa Bear, and also to fix his bicycle. We also brought food, drinks, a couple of tents, and sleeping bags for him and his friends. We get to work quite often with the growing population of homeless people in our state, so if you have a sleeping bag or a tent you are not using, please consider donating them locally or you can send them to us and we will be happy to deliver them.

Our mailing address is:
Hope For Paws
8950 W. Olympic Blvd #525
Los Angeles, CA 90211

We also have an Amazon Wishlist here – it’s just terrible that they didn’t even have a flashlight… it’s not safe for them, and it wasn’t safe for me to intrude like this after dark. If you would like to help, I am sure Buzz would really appreciate it:

If you have any other suggestions as to what I should add to the list, please let me know… I will be more than happy to drive all the way back and deliver your donated items. Also, I would like to sit with Buzz and show him this video and the difference he made in their lives.

Winter is coming, it gets extremely cold at night in the desert, and I just can’t imagine how terrible it is to live life like this. It’s so sad because I don’t understand how would anyone be able to get out of homelessness.

I am so happy I took my whole team with me – JoAnn Wiltz, Loreta Frankonyte, and Katie McKittrick because together we were able to accomplish this rescue safely.

After an overnight stay at the hospital to make sure everybody is well and healthy, the whole family continued to their foster with our friends at L.A. Animal Rescue! They have so many cute animals for adoption, and you should definitely check them out:

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