Scared cat sends the first rescuer to the hospital with serious injuries.

When dealing with a possible feral cat, it’s important to be extremely careful. When I saw Kelly Weston’s injury, I knew it will turn to be a battle, and I am happy to report that at the very end (of the video) – WALLDO WON!!! BIG TIME!!! Yes, I know Waldo spells with one “L”, but this guy was hiding inside a WALL(do). 😄

As I was talking to Kelly, she told me she is the founder of Uplifting Echo – an organization she is building these days, dedicated to providing necessary resources to the unhoused and their pets. They will have their official non-profit status shortly, and I know they will have just as much work as we do as the need for assistance is growing. You can read more about this organization here: – I am happy they will be our eyes and ears out on the streets, and I’m sure we will get to work together ❤️

Special thanks to Let Them Be Little for finding Walldo an amazing loving forever home! I am so happy about the change in him, and I love seeing him now so happy!

Don’t worry… even though he was already adopted, they have many more cats and kittens for adoption here:

These rescues can’t happen without your support. If you haven’t done so yet, please join the Hope For Paws team with a small donation here:

Thank you so much!


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