Scared dog left behind after his owner died – please read below (important!)

So many pets are left behind after their owners pass away, and too many times, no plans are made for these pets who are left behind, scared, confused, and with family members who just don’t care.

To solve this problem, here at Hope For Paws we found a solution and we will give it to you as a gift. We partnered with FREE WILL – an online legal service that will enable you to write your own WILL (in less than 20 minutes) for FREE!

Please visit our blog, and in there you will find a link to writing your own will:

Magic was lucky that Hope For Paws got the call to come and save her. JoAnn Wiltz and Katie McKittrick secured her, got her to the hospital, and slowly she started coming out of her shell. Our friends at The Little Red Dog fostered her, and just found her a loving forever home!!!

I hope her owner is looking from above and is at peace watching this video.

Please, please, please, don’t let this happen to your pets. Life is so fragile and they count on you to ensure their safety. Please take 20 minutes now to complete your will and I promise you it will give you the peace of mind you deserve now:

Thank you so much!!!


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