Siamese cat almost died after falling 20 ft. down between two walls 🙀

When I got a call about this cat, I immediately had a flashback to Jessie’s rescue which was one of the most intense rescues of our lives that required us to fly to the other side of the country:

Luckily, Loreta Frankonyte and I have the experience and the knowledge to handle a situation like this. Also, no one is better at handling adult cats than JoAnn Wiltz, so I asked her to join us as well.

On this rescue, we had extra help from the amazing team at California Flowers – Paola, Chelo, Cain, and Jerome! If you live in Los Angeles, please support this small business. They were so amazing in helping us save Valentina and they have the most beautiful flowers! Their address:

California Flowers
508 E. 8th. Street. “B”
Los Angeles, CA 90014

After the rescue, JoAnn rushed Valentina to CARES where Valentina received much-needed medical care. I got Loreta flowers, and we headed back to the office.

A few hours later, I met a friend of mine, Sylva Kelegian, and told her about our rescue. She immediately told me she has a friend who is looking to adopt a Siamese cat!!

Please watch until the end, share the video, and if you can, please make a small donation here so we can save more lives together:

Thank you so much 🙂


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