This rescue video begins on the streets and ends in the pacific ocean!

We couldn’t get this injured dog, but then unexpected help arrived! It was so cool to see this amazing turn of events on this rescue. Rene Valencia, the young hero, made all the difference here! 🙂

Leslie suffered from a terrible fracture to her leg, but luckily, we have Dr. Antonio Pedraza and the amazing team at CARES to make miracles happen.

If you can, please join us with a small donation and help us save more lives: – The average donation we receive is $12 and so many of our donations are monthly $5 contributions that all add up and make all these rescues happen.

It’s Thanksgiving tomorrow and I wanted to say THANK YOU for donating, sharing, watching the ads on our videos, liking the video, and subscribing to our channel – all these things help us so much!

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Recognising and Preventing Heat Exhaustion in Dogs

Summer means getaway, leisure, and also enjoyable in the sunlight, but the heats can place your hairy buddy at risk of heat fatigue. Canines love hanging outside in the sunlight. A favored activity for numerous canine proprietors is enjoying the outdoors with their four-legged faithful friend. From having a companion in crime at the grill to jumping via lawn sprinklers to appreciating a day at the coastline, the summer season teems with bonding chances for you and also your canine.

Helping Your Dog Use Their Sense of Smell More

Do you know people have 6 million olfactory receptors but canines have up to 300 million! This extremely feeling of scent allows your pet to uncover buried truffles, find lost hikers or even find cadavers beneath the water. It stands to factor then, that you must somehow be using this amazing power in your very own pet dogs.

Dealing With Pooch Aggression Through Socialisation

Regardless of just how much you like your pooch, you will feel uneasy when they frequently bark or grumble whenever your ideal good friend or household member concerns go to. Aggression against human beings or other pets ought to never be misinterpreted that your pet dislikes your close friend or other pet dogs. Instead, it is an indication that he or she is feeling distressed or fearful-and that need to fret you as well.

Why Daily Structure Is Better Than Strict Routines

People like spontaneous activities, which is why you will certainly scream-in an excellent way-at a shock. For pet dogs, it is a bit various. The life of a dog rotates around 4 standard needs; food, sleep, exercise or play, as well as potty. Producing a routine aids your waggy dog to know what is anticipated of him or her-and removes stress on your course. It can assist them to prevent harmful actions, stress and anxiety, as well as keep them usually happy.

Keeping Your Dog Amused When Inside for Too Long

Keeping your pet entertained when you have to remain inside for too lengthy can be an obstacle. As well as attempting to find up with new means to maintain your faithful canine entertained can be more laborious than in fact standing up as well as doing it. Bored pets enter difficulty. You’re their main source of amusement, so if you don’t offer them things to do they’ll come up with activities of their very own which’s when you wind up with eaten up shoes and curtains.

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